Transcript Document

Climate Change: The Physical Science Basis
“The Data” versus “The Debate”
Global Warming?
Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
Greenhouse Gases: Relative Importance
(fossil fuels, deforestation)
(refrigerants, solvents)
(cows, landfills, rice,
wetlands, coal mining)
(nitrogen fertilizer)
Carbon & Climate
Ice Cores: Clues to the Past
Source: OSTP
Current Climate Change Factors
What’s in Store for the Future?
Global Circulation Models:
Clues to the Future
The Future
The Future Climate
Future Climate Depends on the Path of Progess
NY Times 2006
Future Temperature Projections
Future Rainfall Projections
Consequences: Melting Ice Caps
Consequences: Sea Level Rise
Consequences: Sea Level Rise
+ 3 feet
Consequences: Sea Level Rise
+ 20 feet
Consequences: Extreme Weather
Europe, Summer 2003: 35,000 dead
Consequences: Extreme Weather
Cat 2+3
Cat 1
Cat 4+5
Summer Sea Surface Temperatures
Current Florida Vulnerabilities
Tampa – St. Pete.
Hurricane Storm Surge
What Can Be Done?
Stabilizing Atmospheric Carbon
Wedges for Stabilizing Carbon
What Can I Do?
Search the term ‘carbon calculator’ on the
The company BP has an easy one to use, but
there are many others
Use that to see what changes around your home
and workplace will reduce your personal carbon