Subject Selection 2017

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Year 9 Subject Selection
Information Evening
Mr Nigel Hughes
Year 9 to 10 Transition
Mr Damien Burke
Our pathway credo
• Develop and implement pathway education
programs for the entire school community
that ensures valid and viable pathways
selection leading to post-secondary success
for all students. (School Strategic Plan 2017-2020)
Year 10 – The traditional model
Year 12
Year 11
Year 9
Year 8
Year 7
Year 10
the gap
Year 10 – Our model
Year 12
Year 11
Year 9
Year 8
Year 7
Year 10
no gap
Subject Selection Philosophy
Year 7 & 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
• Elective trials
• Elective trials +
• Specialisation
• Career Pathway
• Career Pathway
Subject Selection – Year 10
• Students to be mindful of:
– Career pathway progression
– Subjects in Year 11
– Am I picking the right thing?
Year 10
• Specialisation
• Career Pathway
Year 10
Semester 1
Elective 1
Elective 2
Semester 2
Elective 1
Elective 2
Four Core – 12 months
Electives – 12 months
History Electives (History, Geography, Psychology)
Electives (2 for 12 months each):
Art, Business, Dance, Drama, Health, HPE, Hospitality, Graphics, ICT, IDT, Legal Studies, Prep
Maths C (Physics & Maths C), Media, Music, Technology Studies or Tourism
Excellence Programs (12 months):
Sports Excellence: Elite Development Program, Basketball, Netball or Touch
Creative Arts Excellence: Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Media or Triple Threat
Head of Junior Secondary
Mrs Cath Downing
Am I picking the right subjects?
Questions to consider
• Is this an area that I have an interest in?
• Have I been successful in this subject before?
• Is this something that I could see myself doing
as a career in the future?
• Am I only picking this subject because my
friend did?
• Have I done this subject before but would
really like to pick another I haven’t attempted
Am I picking the right subjects?
Questions to consider
• I don’t enjoy this subject but it is something I
need for my career, do I have to pick it?
Please at any time do not hesitate to contact
Miss Rachel Cutajar, Mr Damien Burke or myself
if we can be of any assistance throughout this
Study Habits
Research tells us that students who exhibit
effect learning behaviours will have an
improved chance of success.
Effective study habits and study skills help to set
the path for successful learning behaviours to
ensure successful outcomes during the
schooling years and beyond.
Study Tips
• What to study? – study time may include assessment
work, set homework or a review of the subjects from
that day.
• Plan when to study – successful students schedule
time throughout the week when they are going to
study. Creating a weekly routine will help develop
habits that will enable success.
• Set a specific goal – be specific - what is it you wish
to accomplish from each session. Make the goal
Study Tips
• Limit distraction – to ensure success find a place
where you won’t be distracted or disturbed. Create
an environment conducive to learning.
• Review notes, schoolwork over the weekend – plan
to come to school at the beginning of each week
prepared and ready to attack your week with
• Ask for help – wise people seek help. Ask your
teachers when unsure. Utilise our homework centre
to seek extra assistance and support
Junior Education Transition Plan Day
Friday 9 September, 2016
Mr Damien Burke
• To give students an opportunity to investigate:
– Career opportunities
– Set goals for 2017
– Listen to industry representatives
– Make informed subject selections
Outline of the day
• Session 1:
– Motivational Speaker focussing on goals and growth
• Session 2:
– Subject selection & goal setting interviews with Year 9 PBL
• Session 3:
– Career trade displays & HOT seat speeches from
• Session 4:
– Subject selection finalisation
Important Dates
• Subject Selections for Year 10 2017 open –
Wednesday 31st August
• Junior Education Transition Planning Day – Friday 9th
• Subject Selections forms due – Friday 9th September
(during PBL Lesson)
For more information
Any questions or further information, Faculty HODs or:
Damien Burke – [email protected]
Deputy Principal – Junior Secondary
Kate Shepherd – [email protected]
Deputy Principal – Senior Secondary
Lukas Avgerinos – [email protected]
Guidance Officer – Junior Secondary