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Western Governors’ Association:
Drought and Climate Adaptation
September 14, 2010
Sarah Cottrell
Deputy Cabinet Secretary
New Mexico Environment Department
Western Governors’ Association
WGA brings together Western
states to:
 Develop policy and address
important governance issues.
 Advance the role of the states
regionally and at the national
 Develop and manage innovative
programs related to natural
resources, the environment,
economic development,
international relations and state
WGA Climate Adaptation Policy
 Policy Resolution 09-2: Supporting the Integration of
Climate Change Adaptation Science in the West
 Sponsored by Govs Richardson and Schwarzenegger
 Promotes the following principles:
Planning for climate adaptation among all levels of government
Funding for research to improve climate science and information
Development of a National Climate Service connecting social,
health and economic trends to climate change
 Establishes a WGA Climate Adaptation Work Group
WGA Climate Adaptation Work Group
Climate Adaptation Working Group
Statewide Climate Programs
Ginny Brannon
Lis Cohen
Kurt Malchow
Jackie Poston
Spencer Reeder
Mark Robbins
Doug Robotham
Public Health and Climate
Office of the Governor
California Natural Resources Agency
Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Washington Department of Ecology
Alaska Office of the Governor
Colorado Department of Natural Resources
Water and Western States Water Council
Nathan Bracken
Tony Willardson
Western States Water Council
Jeanine Jones
California Department of Water Resources
Air and Western Regional Air Partnership
Cheryl Heying
Mary Uhl
Utah Air Quality
New Mexico Air Quality
Forestry and Health Advisory Council
Julie Altemus
Montana DNRC – Forests
Wildlife and Western Governors’ Wildlife Council
Bob Broscheid
Holly Michael
Arizona Game and Fish
Oregon Fish and Wildlife
Climate Adaptation Scoping Report
 Written by WGA Work Group and
federal, academic, and NGO partners.
 Adopted by Governors in June 2010.
 Identifies key state needs:
Incorporating climate change into existing
planning and management processes;
Providing science that is useful for policy
Collaborating across disciplines, agencies,
and sectors.
 Water managers are a key audience
for this report.
Next Steps
 WGA will work with partners to implement
Training and Outreach:
Integrating climate into ongoing state planning processes
 Providing detailed guidance for state-level planning to governors,
resource managers, et al.
Implementing Pilots that cross boundaries and sectors
Prioritizing Science Needs
Establishing state-federal-tribal Western Climate Adaptation
Support Team
Advocating for federal legislation
Drought and Climate Adaptation
Complementary actions Gov. Richardson called for at
National Climate Adaptation Summit (May ’10):
Robust regional, national, and global climate models that help
decision-makers plan for climate change impacts, with emphasis on
improving regional models;
More effective coordination between states and the federal
government, including data-sharing through a single internet portal;
A Climate Adaptation Fund and Climate Action Corps;
A climate change resilience plan for our oceans; and
Incorporate climate change into everyday water planning processes.
Contact Information
Sarah Cottrell
Deputy Cabinet Secretary – New Mexico Environment Department
[email protected] or 505-827-2855
Tom Iseman [email protected]
Madeleine West [email protected]