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Emergency Preparedness Education: Learning
from Experience, Science of Disasters, and Preparing for the
Future (III)
Focus on Fire and Volcanic Eruption
NGUYEN Chi Thanh
Vietnam National University, Hanoi
APEC Tsukuba Conference 2014
Presentation Outline
 Introduction
 Instituitional Context
 Design a pedagogy document
 Conclusion
APEC Tsukuba Conference 2014
Introduction to Vietnam
- Non vocanic
eruption (not yet)
- But many
others natural
Flood; Typhoon;
Landslide, Forest
APEC Tsukuba Conference 2014
Natural Disaters in Vietnam
APEC Tsukuba Conference 2014
Natural Disaters in Vietnam
APEC Tsukuba Conference 2014
High risk on forest fires
 "According to Forest department of Vietnam, the country
now has 37 provinces (on 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam)
with a high risk of forest fires in which nine provinces are
located in the area of red alert“
 Besides these 9 provinces at high risk there are 27 other
provinces which are at risk of forest fires in level IV
(dangerous levels)
APEC Tsukuba Conference 2014
Instituitional Context
- Strong determinanion
from MOET (The
ministry of Education and
Training): policy support
by official regulation
- But lack of concrete
measures relative to
textbook, teaching
method etc.
APEC Tsukuba Conference 2014
Instituitional Context
 The 4620/QĐ-BGDĐT Ministry Regulation: « Trong đó, Bộ trưởng Bộ giáo dục
Đào tạo đã kí quyết định số 4620/QĐ-BGDĐT ngày 12/10/2010 về phê
duyệt kế hoạch hành động ứng phó với BĐKH của ngành giáo dục đào tạo
giai đoạn 2011 – 2015. Quyết định đã chỉ rõ sẽ triến khai đại trà
GDBĐKHTC trong các cấp học, bậc học trên toàn quốc vào năm 2015. »
 In particular, the Minister of Education and Training has
signed the regulation 4620/QD-BGDDT dated on
12.10.2010 to approve an action plan to respond to climate
change education sector for the period 2011 - 2015. This
action plan will be impleemented in all educational levels
across the country from the year of 2015.
 Action are focused on some natural disaters like flood,
typhoon etc. but not yet on forest fires
APEC Tsukuba Conference 2014
Instituitional Context: contents
emphasize on flood and typhoon
APEC Tsukuba Conference 2014
Design a pedagogic document
 Instituitional integration: optional theme in extra curriculum
 Content: to identify the level of forest fire in some provinces
according to date provided by meteorological stations
Mathematic knowledge:
Using the statistics data of temperature, air humidity and rainfall at
13 hours daily to determine the meteorological Nesterop index P
from November 2002 to date of the meteorological stations.
Using daily statistics on P to classify P for each month at indicated
Application of spatial interpolation methods for determining the
date of the P grade 4 and 5 for each month in each 1km2
equidistant points around the territory.
APEC Tsukuba Conference 2014
Design a pedagogic document
 Lesson study approach
 Method: projec based
APEC Tsukuba Conference 2014
Document experimentation
I. Climate change issues
II. Climate change
education in secondary
III. Proposal of a
IV.Examples of Lesson
APEC Tsukuba Conference 2014
Thanks for your attention
APEC Tsukuba Conference 2014