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Participatory Leadership for
Asheville’s Common Good
Working Session – Leadership Asheville
October 15, 2008
David G. Brown, Facilitator
Former Chancellor, UNC Asheville
Executive Director, Asheville Hub
[email protected]
Theme: Successful Leaders…
• Are alert to leverage opportunities.
• Are guided by a few basic principles.
• Facilitate and advertise an easy success.
• Nurture broad ownership through
Outline of Session
• State overall theme.
• Give example of successful leadership.
• Identify YOUR guiding principles.
• Identify upcoming leverage opportunities.
• Hub’s motivation and opportunities.
• In caucus, share your best take-aways and/or
suggestions to the Hub.
EXAMPLE: Wake Forest’s
Laptop Computers for All Program
• Leverage: Nation’s love affair with computers.
• Philosophy: Students learn more when students
and faculty trust each other. Trust is nurtured by
frequent, high quality communication.
• Plan: Provide both students and faculty with the
same, powerful communication device.
• Participation: Let students and faculty select the
device and how to use it.
• Result: Higher national ranking, etc.
Brown’s First Year Seminar
Before & During Class
--Students find URLs & identify
--Interactive exercises
--Muddiest point
--Lecture notes
--Email dialogue
--One-minute quiz
--Computer tip talk
--Class polls
--Team projects
After Class & Other
--Edit drafts by team
--Guest editors
--Hyperlinks & pictures
--Access previous papers
--Daily announcements
--Team web page
--Personal web pages
--Exams include computer
--Materials Forever
Principles of Successful Presidents
Source: DGB, Leadership Vitality, ACE, 1979
• Have a principle!
• Know the principle!
• Articulate the principle,
with consistency,
credibility, predictability
and integrity!
Principle(s) YOU Believe Should Guide
Asheville’s Development Efforts
Take the time to do it right—carl
Do what is right and just– pete
Consistent thorough and fair– dave
Do what’s best for kids (stakeholders)
Keep the main thing, the main thing
Be ethical in your decisions
Michael– do what you say you will do
Michael- make sure other voices will be heard
Kristia- is it mission driven?
Principle(s) YOU Believe Should Guide
Asheville’s Development Efforts
• Seek sustainability
• Sharon- empower everyone to share opinion
and come together in collaboration.
Leaders’ Leverage Points
(SWOT Analysis)
• Wanda- scaleable sustainable development--neighorhoods
• Location. Natural resources.
• 4 seasons.
• 2nd home people a well educated resource
• Tom-cultural opportunities are unique. Need lonely
planet guide.
• Diverse, weird. Threat is absence of meshing of
• Accessibility from interstate system
• Services we offer
• Smart growth
Leaders’ Leverage Points
(SWOT Analysis)
• Downtown, education
• Creative class. Affordable housing.
• Phil- attitude enlightened wellness active living
happiest community
• Need more self reflective, realistic
• Need to examine whether we are tolerant or not.
Theme Reminder
Successful leaders….
• Are alert to leverage opportunities.
• Are guided by a few basic principles.
• Facilitate and advertise an easy success.
• Nurture broad ownership through participation.
The Asheville Hub’s Principles
• Quality jobs.
• Development – Community and cultural, as well
as economic.
• Hot opportunities, comparative advantage.
• Provide a vision, catalyze existing agencies to
focus & collaborate, and ultimately, measure
• Persuade and enable Asheville to prosper from
the New Economy.
Asheville Hub Alliance
(Executive Committee in Green Type)
Terry Bellamy, City of Asheville
Janice Brumit, Brumit & Brumit
Development Co.
Robin Cape, City of Asheville
Dale Carroll, AdvantageWest
Jack Cecil, Biltmore Farms
Steve Cochran, Sustainability
Joe Damore, Mission Hospitals
Scott Dedman, Mountain Housing
Cliff Dodson, Buncombe County
Joyce Dorr, Asheville Area
Center for the Performing Arts
Vernon Dover, Progress Energy
Wanda Greene, Buncombe
Randy Hammer, Asheville
John Hunter, Education
Research Consortium
Gary Jackson, City of Asheville
Asheville Hub Alliance
(Executive Committee in Green Type)
Allen Johnson, Asheville City Schools
Rick Lutovsky, Asheville Area
Chamber of Commerce
Kim MacQueen, Gold Hill Associates
William Massey, UNC Asheville
Dave McConville, The Elumenati
Cheryl McMurry, Bent Creek Institute
Doug Orr, Black Mountain/Swannanoa
Chamber of Commerce
Mack Pearsall, Pearsall Operating
Anne Ponder, UNC Asheville
Nathan Ramsey, Buncombe
Bob Roberts, First Citizens
Pat Smith, Community
Foundation of WNC
Virgil Smith, Gannett Co.,
Alan Thornburg, North
Carolina Board of Transportation
Betty Young, AB Tech
David Young, Buncombe
Lead Agencies for Clusters
• Technology – UNC Asheville, AB Tech
• Rejuvenation – Mission Health System
• Sustainability – TBD
• Creativity – Asheville Area Arts Council
• Land/agriculture – NC Cooperative Extension
• Enterprise/entrepreneurship – Asheville Chamber
• Advanced manufacturing – EDC for
Some Hub Achievements So Far
• Summit of climate change leaders, and the
production and presentation of Climate Alive film
• $80,000 study for new MS in Climate Change and
• EDO Consultant Study
• RENCI and Technology Commercialization Center
• Downtown Tailgate Market
• Significant roles in Handmade in America’s Design
Center and attraction of SRC for climate initiative
2008-09 Emphases – Help Wanted!
• Help Centers for Environmental and Climate
Interaction attract climate change businesses
(technology cluster)
• Make Asheville model city for sustainability, with
high concentration of green businesses
(sustainability cluster)
• Make Asheville home of businesses serving
wellness & healthy lifestyle (rejuvenation cluster)
• Choose measures of economic, social, cultural
and community goals.
Caucus Comments
• Insure that principle takes predence
• Leverage points back to Junior League
• Mary- how can my organization contribute to the
measures we need
• Wind is at our back
• New media is an important opp in AVL
Recommended Take Away
• Two most meaningful Caucus comments
• Remember LPPP!
Leverage + Principle + Plan + Participation