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A quick overview
What is a Podcast?
An MP3 file
Content is up to you – not just music
Radio show format
Size of file depends on quality
10Mb: 30mins of talk |
3Mb: 5mins of music
Can be downloaded onto an MP3 player
User can listen to your show when they like
User can 'subscribe' to a 'feed' from your site
They are automatically informed of new shows
Why the Fuss?
Distribution mechanism
No need for expensive transmitters or servers
Global reach via world wide web
Easy indexing on specialist search engines
Ease of production
Low cost hardware
Free software
Hardware/Software Needed
Good quality microphone
Test the room beforehand
Portable recording device
Background noise from PC fan
All-in-one USB flashdisk/recorder/MP3 player
Plenty of storage
Cheap external hard disks
Free software to edit/record and convert files
Things to Bear in Mind
Who is the intended audience?
Is the content relevant?
Does the style of program fit the theme?
Intellectual Property
Not just music: book extracts, news etc
Permission to broadcast
Putting Together a Podcast
Decide beforehand – may be difficult to rethink
Need to know what fits where on a timeline
Delegate responsibilities for segments
How will you link from one item to the next?
Who will put it together?
Try different compression rates
Uploading Your Files
You need a website
Create a site with Dreamweaver
Upload MP3 files with a FTP program
Use a Content Management System?
Joomla or PostNuke
Free (Ad supported) hosting
Simple tools
Inappropriate ads
May disappear
Podcast Directories
Find examples of good practice
Download examples for students to learn from
Students critically evaluate podcasts
A benchmark for students to evaluate own work
Promote your own work
Where to look?
Yahoo has a subsite at may have some suitable content is recommended by some
Project Ideas
Link students with partner class
HowTo guides
An introduction to Arabic: greetings, shopping etc
Revision notes
Book reviews
Any form of product evaluation/comparison
Radio broadcasts
Based round events in a fictional narrative
About or as 'live coverage' of a historical event