Spoken English IV

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Transcript Spoken English IV

Four 5-minute conversations (20 minutes) with TWO
partners in English, using Mid-Term Review Sample
Record your notes in your Oral Log & List which
Review Question you used.
Band 4 Oral English Skills
Week 7, Spring 2015 Music & Mid-term REVIEW
Band 4 Oral
English Skills
Instructor: Mr. Jered Faires
Week 7, Spring 2015
Turn to p.44 1 A&B – Discuss with partner
Check p.44 2 A&B Listening
Double Comparatives*
Turn to p.45 Look at the purple box
A. Look back at the Starting point on p.44
How many double comparatives can you
B. With your partner: Match the clauses to make
C. Complete Sentences with your own ideas.
Check p. 46 Vocabulary A
Compare your Lyrics with your partner. Do you
both understand each song?
Why did you choose this song?
Describe your song using one or two of the
vocabulary words.
Oral English Skills
Mid-term REVIEW
Be seated & be Quiet.
You may study before or after your turn.
1. I will Give your group a
2. You will have 6 minutes to
talk with your Group.
3. I will give you a topic.
4. Conversation is the goal!
Teacher + 3 or 4
Students in Front
Randomly selected partners (Example):
1. Wendy, Nancy, Doyle, Water
Mid-term Exam
Uses topical vocabulary - Content
Pronunciation / fluency - Delivery
Uses correct grammar - Delivery
Expresses ideas clearly – Delivery/Content
Listens to and engages partners - Interaction
Appropriate Language Functions - Delivery
Appropriate Language Functions
Expressing opinions p. 2
Reporting clauses, p. 31
Sentence Adverbs p. 41
Double Comparatives p. 45
“Listens to and engages partner”…
While listening, ask open-ended questions.
That can’t be answered with a simple “yes” or
“no”, and that invite a deeper explanation.
Questions starting with “why” or “how”.
Don’t “dominate” the conversation
Keep your responses short and natural
Ask your partner what he or she thinks, to give
them a chance to talk.
This is NOT a time to give a speech!
Sample Mid-term Exam Questions on
Relationships Unit 1
Why do you think friendship is a necessary
part of life?
Why do you think some people say, “The best
mirror is an old friend?”
Sample Mid-term Exam Questions on
Reading & Television Unit 5
How, do you think TV has had a positive or
negative effect on society?
How often do you read a book or magazine?
What do you most like to read?
Mid-term Practice Drill
All questions will come from the Unit Topics.
Clothes & Appearance
Science & Technology
Superstitions & Beliefs
Reading & TV
Mid-term Practice Drill - Groups
Student 1 will begin the 1st conversation.
After 3 minutes, you will ROTATE!
Student 2 will begin the 2nd conversation.
After 3 minutes, you will ROTATE!
Example Q.: What kind of movies do you enjoy the
most, and why?
Reply: I enjoy suspense movies best because I like
being surprised by the twists and turns in a wellwritten plot. What about you?
Mid-term Practice Drill
1 S1 Relationships: Why do some people think
friendship is not a necessary part of life?
2 S2 Clothes & Appearance: How do you judge
someone when you first meet them?
3 S3 Superstitions & Beliefs: Why do some people
believe in ghosts? (Do you?)
Mid-term Practice Drill
4 S4 Reading & TV: How accurate do you think TV
shows are when compared to real life?
5 S1 Relationships: Why can’t a guy be best friends
with a girl without becoming her boyfriend?
6 S2 Science & Technology: How would your life
change if you did not have a cell phone?
Music Discussion
1. What kind of music do you listen to?
2. What is your favorite kind of music?
3. Are there any kinds of music that you don’t like?
4. How do different types of music make you feel?
5. Are some kinds of music more moral than others?
(Are some kinds better for healthy thoughts?)
6. What qualifies music as good?
Music Discussion
7. What makes a song or singer popular in China?
8. Which styles of music are most popular in China?
Why is it that style?
9. Which styles of music do you think are most
popular in the United States? Why do you think that
style is popular?
10. What three songs would you choose to take with
you to a desert island if you could only choose
three? Why would you choose those?