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Romanticism Web Quest
A search for meaning in our
• You must answer each question in complete sentences.
• You must use your own words and may not copy directly
from the source.
Any attempt to copy from another student will result in
loss of credit.
You must submit each portion on the due-date to receive
full credit.
If you are absent, you are responsible for making up the
required slides on your own time.
No work will be accepted for any portion of the
webquest in the event of an unexcused absence.
Slide 1--American Romantic
Question 1: What were some of the main beliefs of the
writers, artists and thinkers of the Romantic Age? List
and explain 8 that you find most interesting.
Slide 2-Differences between the
Age of Enlightenment and the
Romantic Age
Question 2: In your own words, write a list of 10-12 of the most significant
differences between the two periods. Be sure to look up any words that you do
not understand. (Make two columns. “Age of Enlightenment” and “Romantic Age.”
You may use phrases instead of complete sentences for this question.)
Age of Enlightenment
--People care more
about logic and reason
than they do about
emotions and feelings.
Romantic Age
--People care more about
emotions and feelings than
they do about logic and reason Important:
Scroll down to “American Romanticism” for this link.
Slide 3—Famous American
Question 3—Who were the most famous American
Romantic Era writers? Find three American Romantic
writers and for each writer describe/summarize his/her
style and main contributions in 3-5 sentences.
(Authors are listed on the left navigation bar)
ale (Important---Scroll past British---American writers
are at the bottom, male and female.)
Slide 4: Art Essentials
• You are going to analyze works of
Romantic art in the next slide, so you will
need to learn the terminology and have
the tools to understand the art you will be
analyzing. Go to the Artist’s Toolkit
ore.cfm . Then, in YOUR WORDS, explain
each of the following: line, color, space,
shape, balance and movement.
Slide 5--Art in the Romantic Era
Question 4--What were some of the major characteristics of
Romantic paintings? After looking at the paintings on these
websites, see if you can find patterns or similarities in what and how
these artists paint. In a well-developed PIE paragraph, write about
your observations about Romantic tendencies in art; ie. Subject
matter, use of color, style, space, shape and balance, movement and
rhythm. Be sure to support your claims with details from
individual paintings; in other words, reference painting
titles and use very specific details to illustrate your point.
The Basic of Romantic Art | The Art of Manliness
Slide 6--Music of the Romantic Era
Question 5-- You will need to use headphones for this section. They will be in
a box in the lab. Listen to 8-10 different compositions, listening for patterns,
traits, similarities, etc., in the pieces. Then, write a PIE paragraph in which
you describe two-three characteristics of Romantic music. Please use
specific details and refer to the individual pieces to support your points.
Here are some sites that have links; however, they have been blocked by the
District. You may listen at home though.
Slide 7--Poetry of the American
Question 6-- Read several poems from three-four different Romantic poets. Review your
notes from Slide 1, which covers the Romantic elements. As you read each poem,
write down some of the similarities you see in theme, subject matter, style, etc. Be
sure to give specific examples of each Romantic trait you find. You should identify at
least 5 similarities. Remember: Use complete sentences!
E. A. Poe
Slide 8--Romantic Short Stories
• Question 7--- Listen to an audio recording or read the text of two Romantic short
stories (check the cart). Using the list you created in Slide 1, Question 1, describe in
great detail the way in which each story reflects three-four Romantic elements and
themes. You should write two paragraphs, one for each short story. And, as always,
you must support each claim with specific details from the story.
of-Edgar-Allan-Poe/35446 (Audio) (Audio) (Audio) (Text) (Text: Note---you may not read “The Masque of
the Red Death.” (Text)
Slide 8--Comparative Analysis (Final
• Here are the essay requirements:
• Compare one or two Romantic elements in two different works, one
of which MUST be a Romantic poem (ie., a poem and a painting, or
a poem and a musical composition.)
• Your paper should include a brief introduction which gives the titles
and authors/painters/composers of the pieces and states the way in
which the two works reflect similar Romantic elements.
• Use VERY specific supportive detail to illustrate your opinion. For
example, you must use lines from the poem or story and very
descriptive examples of the art or music, such as "the painter
uses deep, monochromatic colors like brown, beige and tan with
very little brightness or light in the piece." You must put the "I"
in the PIE to receive more than 60% on this assignment.
• Cite your sources on a Works Cited page. See the Wiki Home Page
for more information, or use a website such as
Writing Help and Materials