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First Grade
Meet your First Grade TEAM!
 Mrs. Black
[email protected]
 Mrs. Chidester
[email protected]
 Mrs. Morgan
[email protected]
 Mrs. Whorton
[email protected]
With the collective effort of staff, parents and community, Prairie View Elementary will
prepare students to be successful in Middle School by achieving at or above grade level
standards which will lead them on a path of college and career readiness.
The mission of Prairie View Elementary is to prepare students for success by teaching the
intended curriculum with rigor, assessing student progress and adjusting instruction
accordingly, providing appropriate safety nets, and measuring student achievement in
preparation for a successful Middle School experience.
Prairie View Principles
Prairie View Hawks are Respectful, Responsible, Cooperative, Honest and Appreciative of
 Attendance- Students are required to attend school and
to be on time. School day hours are: 7:45-2:45.
 Absences- Please e-mail or send a note for reason of
absence to the office to keep accurate records.
 Awards Assembly- At the end of each six weeks we will
have an awards assembly.
 DRA2: administered at the beginning, middle, and end of
the year to measure accuracy, fluency, and
comprehension in reading
 Math Benchmarks: administered at the beginning,
middle and end of the year to measure math skills
 Writing Rubric: used to assess students’ weekly writing
Beginning of the Year- Level 3 to 4 Goal is a Level 6
Middle of the Year- Level 10
End of the Year- Level 16 Goal is Level 20
Beginning of the Year- Level 4
End of the Year- Level 6 or higher
 Top Hawk: all E’s in conduct, less than 3 tardies and no
late work
Honor Roll:
A Honor Roll-All A’s
A/B Honor Roll- A’s & B’s
Perfect Attendance
 Behavior- each teacher will send home a behavior plan that is
used in the classroom.
 Birthdays- Cupcakes or cookies (as long as they are store
bought) can be brought to school for birthday celebrations and
will be served the last 15 minutes of the school day. We do not
allow cameras or pictures to be taken due to privacy laws.
 Conferences- Conference time is 12:55-1:50
 Please contact your child’s teacher to set up an appointment.
 DRA2-This stands for Developmental Reading Assessment.
This is given to first graders at the beginning, middle, and end
of the year to determine their progress and goals for reading.
 Events
Sept 9-13 Book Fair
Sept. 17 Watch Dogs Pizza Party
Oct. 8-10 Parent Teacher Conferences
Oct. 11 Early Release
Oct. 14 No School
 Field Trips- permission slips with information specific to each
event will be sent home prior to each trip. Please send them
back signed as quickly as possible.
 Grades 100-90
 89-80
 79-70
 69 or below
First Grade will NOT have a report card sent
home the first six weeks.
We will be having parent/teacher conference in
place of them.
 HAWK Binder
This binder is sent home daily with your child. Please check it
nightly and remove notes, papers and other school related
Nightly Homework
Reading: Leveled book or passage to read
Word Work: Sight word list
Math: Activity sheet
We encourage children to become
independent learners!
 Here at Prairie View we want to create a positive reward system!
 *Choice Celebration- for making good choices
 *Character Lessons
Extra Incentives: taking your shoes off, lunch in the classroom,
treasure box
School wide Expectations
 Lunch- our lunch time is 11:00-11:30, you may come eat
lunch with your child (except during STARR testing days).
However please be aware that no other student can join
them. There will be tables sit up off to the side for you to
Language Arts
Phonics: phonograms (sounds), phonemic
awareness and handwriting focus
Reading: accuracy with sight words and sounding
out, fluency, comprehension and stamina; Readers
Writing: consistently generating ideas,
composing, editing, and using conventions and
correct spelling; Writers Workshop
Spelling: phonetic spelling is readable, correct
spelling of sight words and checking spelling
 Morning Meeting -Every day students will go to the carpet and
share joys and celebrations.
Math Concepts
Number: 0-99, fractions, money,
addition/subtraction to 18
Patterns: in objects and numbers (skip counting,
odd/even, etc.)
Geometry: shapes and solids
Measurement: estimating, nonstandard units, time
Probability/Statistics: graphing,
Problem Solving: pattern, picture, guess and check
 Newsletter- emailed every Monday with important
information about upcoming events, curriculum, school
news and other grade level information about the coming
week. (if you need a paper copy please request with
your child’s teacher).
 Open House- A note will be sent home announcing time
and date. Open house is usually in March.
 Parent Volunteers- we always need parent volunteers. If you
have any interest in becoming a parent volunteer please let
your child’s teacher know. Here are some examples of things
you can help out with:
Room mothers/fathers
Chaperones on field trips
File papers
Copy papers
Help out with projects
Reading with small groups
 Recess- First graders have recess daily. However, the district
has guidelines about weather that prevent us from going out at
 Report Cards- First graders receive report cards each six
weeks except for the first six weeks. The report card contains
numerical grades and letter grades. When the report card is
sent home, parents keep the report card, sign the envelope,
and return only the envelope to school.
1st grade schedule
 7:15-7:45 Morning Work
 7:45-8:00 Morning Meeting
 8:00-9:00 Writer’s Workshop
 9:00-9:15 Phonics
 9:15-10:25 Reader’s Workshop
 10:25-11:00 Math
 11:00-11:30 Lunch
 11:30-12:00 Recess
 12:00-12:55 Math
 12:55-1:50 Specials
 1:50-2:35 Science
 2:35-2:45 pack up and dismissal
MUSIC-Mrs. Nassiff
ART-Mr. Brown
P.E.-Coach Gage
Curriculum Overview and Grading Guidelines
We no longer offer after school piano and guitar lessons. If you are interested
in either email Mrs. Nassiff for opportunities in our area or check the
Community Folder on the district website.
 Please make sure your child wears or brings tennis
shoes that tie or have velcro to school everyday.
 For safety reasons, your child will have an alternate P.E.
assignment if they do not wear tennis shoes that tie or
 Some music activities require tennis shoes as well.
 The Specials schedule may change unexpectedly at the
last minute and therefore students need to be prepared
for physical activity everyday.
Medical Problems/ Excuses
for Physical Education
 Some students have chronic or long term problems with
limited participation.
For the safety of the child and the teacher’s protection,
records will be kept in the school nurses office.
Notes or phone calls from parents are accepted for
excuses on a short term basis.
Non-participation for 5 or more consecutive days requires
a physician’s written excuse.
Parents will be contacted when students are habitually
Prairie View is one of 2 schools in Northwest ISD that received a Grant from the Northwest ISD
Education Foundation for the use of Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music, which includes
an awesome website for kids!
• This website is a great tool for extending music learning
at school and at home. K-5 students will be using the
Quaver program at varying levels throughout the year.
• All students must have parent’s permission to use the
Quaver website and must be signed up to be able to save
their work.
• Go to Mrs. Nassiff’s website @
http://www.nisdtx.org/Page/42736 or
www.quavermusic.com for more information about the
program and how to sign up your child.
• Class Dojo will be used this year to help track student
behavior and success throughout the year.
• Students will have the opportunity to earn points for
various behaviors and successes.
• Parents may check their student’s points online with a
• More information will be sent home soon with directions
on how to access your student’s progress.
You can now follow Art class on twitter
@MrBrownPVE for classroom updates, special
announcements and important art happenings at
PVE and around the DFW community.
 Please visit the PVE Art website for information
about scheduling, grading, and to learn about
contest that we will offer this year.
Thanks, Mr. Brown
 Scientific Process
 Matter
 Weather
 Seasons
 Living and Nonliving
 Seed to Plant
 Life Cycles
 Magnets
 Water Cycle
Standard Based Bulletin
Here at Prairie View, we love to showcase great student work. The
purpose of the board is to address standards and show how students
met those standards. This gives you a mirror of what is exactly going
on in the classroom.
 This encourages quality work and dedication to a finished product.
 We encourage you to come check out the quality work your child is
 Tardies- students are counted tardy at 7:50, they must receive
a tardy slip from the office before they come to class.
 Toys- are not allowed at school and will be collected and
arrangements will be made for parents to come and pick them
up from the office.
 Transportation changes- If you have any questions or
concerns regarding transportation at Northwest, please contact
Chris Sisk, Durham Routing Coordinator, or Charlotte Shanks,
General Manager, at 940-242-3900 or 817-698-1287; Dennis
McCreary, NISD Assistant Superintendent for Facilities,
Planning, and Construction, at 817-215-0136; or send an email
to [email protected]. NOTE: Any changes in
transportation must be done in writing or call the office
directly. Please make sure that you call 30 minutes prior to
school being dismissed.
Start and exit programs
Create, name, and save files
Use a mouse and keyboard
Learn the location of letters on the keyboard and the correct finger to use for each
Proofread and correct errors
Use an Internet browser to search for and acquire information.
Use on-line help
Use appropriate software, including the use of word processing and multimedia, to
express ideas and solve problems
Print a document
Practice responsible digital citizenship
Follow copyright guidelines
 Visitors Badge-You will be required to sign in at the
office and get a visitors badge any time that you enter the
 Websites- To access the district website, go to www.nisdtx.org.
Each teacher has a webpage. To find it, choose Prairie View
from the “Schools” menu at the top. Then click on the teacher’s
name. To find more important information about first grade,
please look at the 1st grade team webpage. Look under “Grade
Level Teams 1st.”
Workshop Model
 Opening Meeting:
Teacher is teaching
 Work Session:
Students are reading and/or working
 Closing Meeting:
Teacher and students are sharing what they
have learned
This model is used for reading, writing and math
What does it mean to be a
Title I School?
 Being a Title I school means receiving federal funding (Title I
dollars) to supplement the school’s existing programs. These
dollars are used for…
 Identifying students experiencing academic difficulties and
providing timely assistance to help these student’s meet
the State’s challenging content standards.
 Purchasing supplemental staff/programs/materials/supplies
 Conducting parental Involvement
 Recruiting/Hiring/Retaining Highly Qualified Teachers
What is the School-Parent
 The compact is a commitment from the school, the parent,
and the student to share in the responsibility for improved
academic achievement.
 You, as Title I Parents, have the right to be involved in the
development of the School-Parent Compact.
 Distribution of the Compact.
Dress/Medical excuses for P.E.
 Please have students wear or bring tennis shoes that tie or velcro
everyday to ensure student’s safety during physical activities. Our
schedule is subject to change at any time and students need to be
prepared for physical activity everyday. Girls need to also wear
shorts under their dresses/skirts at all times. A doctor’s note is
required for non-participation in P.E. for 5 or more consecutive
days. Likewise, a doctor’s note is needed in order for student’s to
resume normal physical activity. Notes are accepted from parents
for short periods of time as needed.
 Grades
 During each 6 weeks, K-5th students will receive a minimum of 3
Academic grades from Music, Art and Physical Education classes.
 The Academic grades will reflect a student's progress on curriculum
goals (TEKS).
 A conduct grade will also be given.
Academic Grades will be recorded as follows:
3 = E *performs above standard consistently
2 = S *performs at standard expectations consistently
1 = N *performs slightly below standard expectations, but with continuous progress
0 = U *performs consistently at beginning or below standard expectation
* A "U" will not be given without contacting the parent about the unsatisfactory
Conduct Grades will be recorded as follows:
E-No warnings
S-Warnings during class and/or 1 note home
N-2 notes home
U-3 notes home
Please see Coach Gage, Mrs. Nassiff or Mr. Brown for further clarification.
Thank you for
PVE; where we grow