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Animator Help Session
November 20th, 2002
• Introduction
• Curve implementation
- What are all those vectors?
- Where should I put things?
• Particle System
- What is it?
- What should I implement?
• Animation
- What should I do?
- How to use Adobe Primere?
• How to integrate with my model?
• Modeler View vs. Curves View
• Graph Widget Interface
Curve Implementation
What are all those vectors?
In any specific curveEvaluator class
• ptvCtrlPts: a collection of control points that you
specify in the curve editor
• ptvEvaluatedCurvePts: a collection of evaluated curve
points that you return from the function calculated
using the curve type’s formulas
• fAniLength: maximum time that a curve is defined
• bWrap: a flag indicating whether or not the curve
should be wrapped
Curve Implementation
Where should I put things?
• Create
- Bezier
- B-spline
- Catmull-Rom
• In GraphWidget class
Curve Implementation
Some more stuff
• Wrapping Curve
• Going Back to time
• Mutable?!
Particle System
What is it?
• Particle Objects
• Forces
• An engine for simulating the effect of the forces
Particle System
What should I implement?
• Constructor
• Destructor
• Simulation functions
- drawParticles()
- startSimulation()
- computeForcesAndUpdateParticles()
- stopSimulation()
• Particle and force class… maybe?
Particle System
Some more stuff
• World coordinate of particles??
• Euler Method
• Hooking up your particle System
What should I do?
• Editing Curves
Working with Adobe Premiere
(A sub-help-session by das Steve)
What is Premiere, and where do I
get it?
• Industry standard digital video editing application.
• Can use it in the Graphics Lab (v5.1 full version
on all machines)
• Or can download a time-bombed, fully functional
demo from Adobe (v6.5):
Why do I care about Premiere?
• You’ll probably want to take the raw frames
spewed out by your animator program and turn it
into a movie. . .
• Adding effects!
– Editing your movies (transitions)
– Adding sound effects or music
. . . And if nothing else, pretend to care and make me
feel good?
What I’ll show you
• Premiere interface
• Making a movie from pictures
• Saving your movie
– Compressed vs. uncompressed
• Adding sound effects!
• Making edits/transitions
. . . All in 10 minutes or less!
Important Notes
• DO NOT FORGET to go to File->Preferences->General / Still
Image and set the Still Image Duration to 1 frame.
– Otherwise, your movie will be veeery boring.
• To speed things up, right click on a clip and choose speed. Change to
x (>100) %. You may need to do this to fit the time limit.
• To add a title page or credits, make the picture in Photoshop first and
import it in. (Text is a pain in Premiere)
• To export your final copy, make sure to change your settings to:
– Video Compression: MPEG V2 (small, easily playable files)
– Audio Compression: your choice, but uncompressed is fine (and will work
with MPEG)