II. Black Holes

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Transcript II. Black Holes

Neutron Stars and Black Holes
I. Neutron Stars
A. Remnant from the collapse of a _________.
B. During the core collapse of a supernova, the _________
________ are compressed close enough so that they interact
and a form _________. [An interesting fact is that in this
same reaction, __________________. Even though a
supernova can be as bright as its host galaxy, _________
______ of a supernova is carried away by the neutrinos!!]
C. Comprised almost entirely of ________.
D. Typical mass: _________________
E. Typical size: ________________
F. Average density: _____________
• The density of an atomic nucleus is “only” _____________
• 1 teaspoon of neutron star material = ___________
G. Compact stars/stellar remnants less than _______________
do not form neutron stars. These objects are ____________.
H. Stellar remnants over 3 solar masses inevitably form a _____
I. Many neutron stars emit __________________ like a
lighthouse. Because we see these pulse of radio waves, these
objects are known as _______.
J. Some interesting neutron star facts:
Drop an object from a height of 1 m above a neutron star’s
surface. It will ___________________________ at a
speed of __________.
Spin rates: _________________________
The nearest neutron star is ___________.
The 1st pulsar discovered was initially labeled __________
Listen to the sounds of pulsars:
II. Black Holes
A. A stellar remnant with a mass greater than _____.
B. The gravitational field is so intense that it __________
____________________. Within the event horizon,
C. Even though it is “black”, it can be detected by its __________
D. Predicted by ______________ Theory of General Relativity.
E. Its gravitational field is so strong that it __________ passing
by. This is called _________________.
F. The dimensions of the ____________, the point of no return,
is called the _________________.
G. Inside, all of the matter end up ________________
________ which is infinitely small and infinitely dense.
H. _______________________________________. A new
______________________ is needed.