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The Comic Hero
A star in the
Romantic Comedy
There are
The Comic Hero
Experiences a change for the better
Is generally a good person
Is not perfect – just needs basic approval
from the audience
Has enough charm to make him/her a
sympathetic character
Is often a “plucky underdog”
Has “natural” nobility or virtue
…and then there are comic heroes.
Believes that it is important to restore
normality and is willing to adjust her
opinion of herself
 Has an ability to adopt different sorts of
ruses and humiliations (disguise,
deception, etc.)
 Has faith in others
 Learns to listen to others and respond
Comic Hero Cont.
“A comedy is a story of the rise in fortune
of a sympathetic central character”
(Comedy and Tragedy).
“The key to comedy is the sense of
satisfaction derived from the comic hero’s
success” (The Comic Hero).
Comic heroes star in Comedies,
which aren’t always about getting
“…the comic vision celebrates the
individual’s participation in a community as
the most important part of life” (Johnston).
In a comedy, the conflict is resolved “with
the reintegration of the characters into a
shared community” (Johnston).
The Comic Vision; What view of
experience does comedy present?
Comedies typically end with a restoration
of social harmony (seen in a new
marriage, a reconciliation between family
members, etc.) and a group celebration to
endorse the new harmony (a feast, a
dance, etc.) (Johnston).
Comic Vision Cont.
Then there is the romantic
Main action is about love
 Lovers must overcome obstacles to be
brought together in harmonious union
 Frequently contains elements of the
improbable, fantastic, miraculous, or
 Frequently contains a philosophical aspect
involving heavier themes
Characteristics of Romantic
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