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What is HVD?
• HVD is a new type of
optical storage device
• HVD can store from
300 GB in 2008 up to
3.9 TB
• Normal DVD holds
4.7 GB
• Developed by
InPhase Tech
& Maxell
• Uses 2 lasers to read
the same part of the
disc by changing the
angle of one laser
• Leia in Star Wars is a
‘volumetric display’,
not a holograph
• A hologram is a way
to store 3 dimensional
How does it write the disc?
• Two beams are used,
the reference beam
and the information
• The reference beam
remains unchanged,
while the information
beam is sent through a
spatial light modulator
•The beams are recombined, creating an
interference pattern of light
Laser Beams?!?
• While one beam is
used to reflect off the
Dichroic mirror layer
in the disc, another is
used for servo
• This servo technology
is the same used in
CDs & DVDs, using a
650nm laser to read
address pits
How does it read the disc?
• When the reference
beam is shone onto
the disc it returns
the pre-recorded
interference pattern
• The beam is then
read by the cmos as
a page at about
Market Info
•Technology is slowly
becoming easier to
make, smaller discs
will be available in a
few years
HVD’s can be mass
produced effectively as
data can be pre-written
when the disc is put