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Describe the genre
• Stereotypically the “road trip” genre tends
to star an all male cast and shows them
going on a cross country journey to
achieve a goal or complete a mission
although they are unified in their attempt to
achieve this goal or complete this mission
each of the characters normally ends up
learning something about themselves and
by the end of journey all of them have
something to show for it.
This is a list showing the highest grossing
films for the road trip genre in recent years.
• Hangover - $459,089,818
• Borat -$261,572,744
• Wild Hogs - $253,625,427
• Dumb and Dumber - $247,275,374
• Are We There Yet? -$97,918,663
• RV - $87,528,173
• Euro trip - $20,796,847
• Cars, buses and motorcycles, are the base
element of every road trip film as it is the main
mode of transportation for the protagonist and
his/her allies for them to reach their desired
• The second base element in the road trip genre
is for the protagonist to have a destination to
reach where they can achieve their goal which
they started at the beginning
• Throughout their journey the protagonist will
encounter many hurdles which he and his allies
will have to over come before they can continue
their voyage of discovery, each of these hurdles
normally has a certain relevancy to a member of
the group.
• The clothing will reflect the personality of each
member of the group or the time in which the
road trip was taken.
• Other props used in the road trip genre are
alcohol, drugs, lack of or extreme amounts of
• The lighting is always natural and is used to
create a sense of realism and camera angles
used are only basic camera angles like mid and
long shots
• The ideology of the road trip film is
normally for the protagonist to wish to
reach a destination to achieve a desired
outcome, but normally along his journey
the protagonist ideology is affected by the
problems faced during the road trip and
this normally affects the goal they set out
to achieve at the beginning.
Moral tale
• Road trip films can be spilt into two
categories; the first is where everything
starts with a lapse in morals which leads
the protagonist and their allies to begin a
journey to rectify their mistake(s). The
second Category is normally unique to the
protagonist as it is something they need to
do films like wild hogs for instance is just
about friends who want to hang out again
Subverts of conventions
• Although above I have listed the main
convention of the road trip genre there are
still films which subvert the usual
conventions of the road trip genre in order
to create something unique to that genre,
an example of this is the film “boys don’t
cry” The main protagonist in this film is a
Lone female transvestite who travels to a
new state to escape her dark past.