Unit 1 How Does the Sun Affect Earth?

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Transcript Unit 1 How Does the Sun Affect Earth?

How Does the Sun
Affect Earth?
Unit 1 Key Concepts
6th Grade
GEMS Space and Science Sequence
Unit 1.2
• The Sun is a star.
Unit 1.2
• Scientists use models to
demonstrate ideas, explain
observations, and make predictions.
Unit 1.2
• The Sun is about 150,000,000 km
away from Earth.
Unit 1.2
• Only a tiny amount of all matter and
energy that the Sun puts out comes
toward Earth.
Unit 1.3
• The visible light our eyes can detect is
a part of a larger spectrum of
electromagnetic energy.
Unit 1.3
• The Sun radiates the full spectrum of
electromagnetic energy.
Unit 1.3
• The solar wind is a constant stream of
charged particles that the Sun puts out.
Unit 1.4
• Solar flares and coronal mass ejections
(CME’s) occur during solar storms,
when the Sun is active.
Unit 1.4
• A solar flare releases large amounts of
electromagnetic energies and solar
particles into space.
Unit 1.4
• A CME ejects particles and material
from the Sun’s corona at high speeds
into space.
Unit 1.4
• Particles released by solar-storm
events - such as solar flares and CME’s
- travel much more quickly that particles
in the solar wind.
Unit 1.4
• The amount of particles and energy put
out by the Sun is not constant.
Unit 1.4
• Scientific explanations are based on
evidence gathered from observations
and investigations.
Unit 1.5
• Sheilds at various altitudes prevent
some solar energies from reaching
Earth’s surface.
Unit 1.5
• The magnetosphere sheilds Earth from
solar particles at a very high altitude.
Unit 1.5
• The changing shape of Earth’s
magnetosphere during a solar storm
can leave satellites and astronauts
Unit 1.6
• Everyone, especially those at high
altitudes, should be concerned about
ultraviolet radiation from the Sun.
Unit 1.6
• Earth’s ozone layer shields us from
some of the Sun’s ultraviolet energy.
Unit 1.7
• Various materials can shield a person
from UV radiation, but some shields are
more effective than others.
Unit 1.8
• We must all be concerned about bursts
of energy from the Sun.