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Our Sun, Our Life, Our Past, Our
Our Sun is the number one most
important thing in our solar
What is the sun?
• A large hot ball of gases that gives off its own
light and other electromagnetic waves.
• It is the star at the center of our solar system.
Did you know that at the sun’s
core, or center, nuclear fusion
makes enormous amounts of
Each second the sun changes tons
of hydrogen nuclei into helium
nuclei. When the hydrogen and
helium combine, reactions change
the atoms’ mass into energy and
release it as heat and light.
The sun plays important roles, or does
important things for us here on Earth.
Our Sun is the energy source for…
All life here on Earth
The water cycle
Our weather systems
Our fossil fuels such as coal and natural
Energy from the sun is called
solar energy. Solar energy is
the solar radiation that
reaches the earth.
Once it is changed,
the energy can heat
water, buildings, and
make electricity.
The sun has produced
energy for billions of years.
This type of energy from the
sun can be changed into
other forms such as, heat
and electricity.
We must remember,
not all the light, heat,
and energy comes to
us. Most goes back to
space and some
scatters around earth.
One interesting fact is that some people use
solar cells or solar panels to collect the sun’s
light, heat, and energy to warm their homes,
swimming pools, and/or water. Even now cars
are running by solar energy.
The sun helps keep plants
warm. It also helps them to
carry out photosynthesis.
Photosynthesis is when
plants trap the sun’s energy
and use it in their foodmaking process.
Plants can change sunlight,
water, and carbon dioxide
into food energy, oxygen,
and water because they
have a special ingredient
called chlorophyll.
Creation of Winds
Winds are caused by the Sun because of
the differences between hot and cold
areas of the earth.
• Hot air rises!
Cold air sinks!
• The two different temperatures are always
trying to get balanced! When they attempt to
balance it causes motion……WIND!!!
• Since one side of the
Earth is always in the
shadow (night time),
it is always cooler.
• The other side is
always towards the
sun, so it is hotter.
Because of this the Earth can never get
balanced!!! There will always be wind
as long as there is an atmosphere!