Hinduism and Buddhism Open

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Hinduism and Buddhism
Open-Ended Questions
Incompatibilities BETWEEN ISLAM
• Polytheistic -worship
many gods,
• caste system
• born into the religionno idea of conversion
• Diet
• cow is sacred
• Monotheistic worship one God
• all people are seen as
equal under the eyes
of God
• dietary restrictions
• proselytizers-seek to
convert others
• Creedal – statement
of beliefs
Elements of Hindu thought that
became part of Buddhism
• Karma
• Reincarnation
• The idea of salvation- as an end of the
cycle of reincarnation
• All life is sacred
Ways Hinduism and Buddhism are different
• Siddhartha Gautama
is the founder
• rejects the caste
• seek nirvana
(salvation) on their
own without the help
of priest or Gods
• has no founder
• believes in the caste
• Seek moksha
(salvation) with help
of priests and deities
According to Hinduism, explain the relationship
between dharma , karma, samsara, and moksha.
For this answer make sure you define all
terms and include information about
atman and Brahman.