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There is paradise on the heaven,there are
Suzhou and Hangzhou on the earth
Suzhou and Hangzhou are the paradises on
West Lake
• XiHu is a famous fresh water lake located
in the historic center of Hangzhou, in
Zhejiang province of eastern China.
Lei Feng pagoda
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• Lei Feng pagoda is an octangonal five-story tall
tower with historical stories and interesting legends
going along all the time. It is located on Sunset Hill south of the
West Lake in Hangzhou. Originally constructed in the year 975
it collapsed in 1924 but was rebuilt in 2002, since when it has b
a popular tourist attraction.
Lingyin Temple
Lingyin is a Buddhist
temple of the Chan sect
located north-west of
Hangzhou, Zhejiang
province. The temple's
name is commonly
literally translated as
Temple of the Soul's
Retreat. It is one of the
largest and wealthiest
Buddhist temples in
China, and contains
numerous pagodas and
Buddhist grottoes
Jiuzhaigou Valley
in Sichuan
Jiuzhaigou National Park is a nature
reserve in the north of Sichua, a province
in south western China. It is known for its
many multi-level waterfalls and colorful
lakes, and was declared a UNESCO
World Heritage Site in 1992. It belongs to
the category V (Protected Landscape) in
the IUCN system of protected area