Models in Science

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Earth Science Daily Challenge, 9/9
What is a MODEL?
Give at least 4 different
examples of models.
• are representations of real
objects, systems, or ideas.
• Scientific models can be classified
into three categories…
• can be touched, manipulated, etc.
• often “scaled” to the real thing
• usually used to explain or
describe things, to help visualize
• Examples
–human body plastic torso
–model planes, cars, rockets
–solar system model
• mathematical equations that
describe the behavior of a system
• often used to predict what will
happen if…
• also called “computer models”
• Examples
–weather forecasting models
–astronomy models
• organized ideas about how
something works
• used to understand something
• Examples
–how gravity works
–blueprints for a building
–Earth is made of layers – crust, mantle, core
–how the solar system moves
Why use MODELS?
• Real things might be too big, too
small, too complicated, too far
away, etc. to study directly!
• Scientific models can…
–help explain how things work
–help people visualize things
–make predictions - what will happen?
• Models are limited…
–only as good as the data that went
into creating them, must be TESTED
Earth Science Daily Challenge, 9/10
Make a goal for your earth
science grade this quarter.
What grade do you plan to
earn in this class?
What will you need to do to
make sure you reach this goal?
Earth Science Daily Challenge, 9/11
What do you already
know about Hawaii?
Earth Science Daily Challenge, 9/14
List as many branches of science as you
can think of in 2 minutes and briefly
explain what each one is...
For example,
Physics - the study of matter and energy
What are some others?
HINT: (think of “–ologies”)