What is Comenius?

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Comenius Programme is cool, but …
What does the word actually mean?
What is Comenius? Or, who is it?
Perhaps, …
… a Brazilian football star?
• … any ideas?
(1592 - 1670)
Comenius was a…
•Czech-speaking Moravian
•father of 4
Comenius´s bust
is in almost every
Czech school.
What was the major all-European event
then? (1618-48)
Comenius was a
Protestant, and
Czech Protestants
lost the war to
Catholic Habsburgs
He became a
religious refugee
In consequence of the religious war he
lost all his property and his writings
and his home.
Comenius took refuge in Leszno in
Poland, where he led the gymnasium
• He lived and worked in Sweden, Poland,
Transylvania, the Holy Roman Empire,
England, Hungary and the Netherlands.
• Comenius wandered around Europe not for
the love of travelling, but because he was
looking for a place with religious and
academic freedom.
• …served as the last bishop of Unity of the
Brethren, the biggest Protestant Church
• …is considered the father of
modern education
A great teacher
• first introduced pictorial textbooks
• taught in native language instead of Latin
• opened doors to education for women
• applied effective teaching based on the
natural gradual growth from simple to
more comprehensive concepts
Picture textbooks
Learning in mother tongue
Travelling for experience
Learning foreign languages