National Digital Information Infrastructure

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Transcript National Digital Information Infrastructure

Library of Congress Resources for
Federal Records Managers
Federal Information and Records Managers Council
William G. LeFurgy, [email protected]
• National Digital Information Infrastructure and
Preservation Program established in 2000
• Congress saw valuable digital content at risk
• Library of Congress directed to lead a national
program and work with all stakeholders
• Working with White House, NARA, GPO, NSF and
a number of other federal agencies
• LC does not work directly with federal records!
Three Parts of NDIIPP
• Build a community of practice to
collaborate on solutions, share information
• Sponsor and develop tools, services,
infrastructure to provide long-term access
to significant digital information
• Work with partners to preserve and provide
access to information
Outcomes of Use to Federal Agencies
• Tools and services
• Guidelines and best practices
• News and information
Tools and Services
• Web archiving: capture of agency web
sites using third party services, Heritrix
web crawler
• Data transfer: reliable movement of data
from one environment to another using
Bagit, associated tools
• Persistent bit preservation: distributed
storage using LOCKSS
Guidelines and Best Practices
• Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines
Initiative: define uniform methods to
digitize historical content (text, A/V)
• Sustainability of Digital Formats: identifies
formats that are promising for long-term
News and Information
• web site
• Monthly Digital Preservation Newsletter,
free by e-mail subscription
• Focused conferences and webinars
• Specialty meetings and briefings