Why not harness the human web using VR and Information Rooms?

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Transcript Why not harness the human web using VR and Information Rooms?

Entry to ActiveWorlds
• Go to www.activeworlds.com
• “Launch” (download and install the
browser client)
• Activate the software
• Select “Autoconfigure” when asked about
• Sign on & read the how to move web page
• Look on the left side of the browser for the
• Click the World Tab
• Scroll down the list and click “Harps”
The Africa InfoSphere
Army Family Support Center
Killeen Texas Crisis Action Center
Please use Harps as your base
while evaluating
On arrival please read the how
to move web page
– http://www.activeworlds.com/h
– ActiveWorlds is undergoing a
major upgrade. There may be
service issues.
– All entries are in a public
building world you may
encounter actual users
– These are live working sites
Everything you need is in the
RDECOM Evaluator Center
Bots You Will Encounter
The following are bots
and are not real people
– Calliope in Harps
– Clarissa at the Army
Family Support Center
– Charles at the Africa
Their purpose is to
capture chat and links
mentioned in chat
– You can them ask basic
• Where am I?
• Who is here?
• What time is it?
The Project Tour Schedule Board
To assist the
evaluators a schedule
board is next to the
orientation center
Project briefings are
posted by icon on
specific dates with
If you require a special
time - contact
[email protected]
or call 703 644-7312
after 3 PM week days
Administrative Instructions
• Teleports, project specific briefings and supporting articles are in the
RDECOM welcome center. Projects are color coded.
• Entry related content is color coded
• Davison Associates supporting documentation is accessed through the
black signs
• Teleports are marked by a glowing star
• There are RDECOM RETURN objects at each site to get back to the
welcome center
• All briefings are in PowerPoint, copyright by Davison Associates but
available for unrestricted download and use royalty free
• Address questions to:
– [email protected]
– Or Call 703 644-7312
The Information Room
What’s behind the Information Room
Projects and Knowledge Solutions
crafted by Davison Associates?
• All Projects are in ActiveWorlds
• All Entries are Information Room
• The Goal is to Integrate People and Their
Relationships with Information and Data
of the Information
Room Concept
Why not harness the
human web using VR and
Information Rooms?
It’s the missing piece
Six degrees of separation (also referred to as the "Human Web") refers to the
idea that if a person is one step away from each person they know, and two
steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know,
then everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth.
The Concept of Knowledge
• Knowledge Centers are warehouses of
information and so is the world wide web
• The contents do not become knowledge
until a person uses the information to
make a decision
• Information rooms provide a way to
integrate people and facts by allowing
information and data to be shared among
people from stored resources
• VR removes distance from the equation
knowledge noun
[S or U] understanding of or information about a subject which a person
gets by experience or study, and which is either in a person's mind or known by people generally.
Why ActiveWorlds?
• ActiveWorlds (AW) is the choice of Davison
Associates for implementing Information Rooms
– It significantly less expensive than Second Life
– It uses cache rendering and levels the bandwidth
playing field
– The client is small
– The object scripting is simple
– It works with small bandwidth (anywhere in the world)
– The browser is available in multiple languages
– It has a strong capability to use web based resources
– It will run behind a fire wall
– It can be owned by the user
– It is not dependent on the vendor’s server
Enjoy Your Visit!