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myProject™ and myBallot™
PES Winter Technical Meeting
Orlando, Florida
January 2007
myProject™/ myBallot™
Accessing the myProject system requires an IEEE
Web Account:
How to get and IEEE Web Account
Sign in by entering your IEEE Member Number
and PIN
Accessing myProject
Login using your IEEE
Web Account.
myProject Control Panel
To view any notices sent
to you.
Here you can sign up for
any activity area of
interest. Similar to an
invitation pool.
To access any of the
sponsor ballot activity.
Invitations, Ballots, and
Any Recirculations
To submit and view
PARs saved in the
Sponsor Control Panel
Start your invitation to form your
ballot group.
Upload draft for Mandatory Editorial
To open voting period for initial
To start a recirculation
To view all sponsor ballot activities
for any project under your purview.
When the sponsor ballot process is
complete and no further recirculations are
needed, You can gather the files needed for
your Revcom submittal
Sponsor Overview Page
Ballot Stage
The committee
handling the
project and the
project number
Ballot close date
Number of balloters in the
group. Clicking on the
number allows you to view
ballot summary
Final or on going
results of the
most recent
Ballot Comments
Areas to address comments
received during the ballot period.
Ballot Comments
On the next page click the drop-drown box
and select the respective resolution status,
then enter the rebuttal in the resolution
detail text box and click OK
Comment Resolution:
Comments file
The resolution committee will fill in the last two
columns as a response to the comment (s).
Must keep data synced together
myBallot Control Panel Via Sponsor
Control Panel
Click on myBallot Control Panel
myBallot Control Panel
View & join open invitations.
Joining a Ballot Group
View PAR information.
Select the project number
Click on “join”
Joining a Ballot Group
myBallot Control Panel
View and Submit Votes and
Votes and Comments
•Select the ballot
•Review the document
•Submit your vote and comments
Submitting Comments
Guidelines for Uploading Comments
Use only ANSI standard ASCII characters
 Cut-and-paste from Notepad, Emacs or other textprocessors, but not from Word or other wordprocessors
 Don't use font styles such as bold, italic, super or
subscript, etc.
 Do not use merged columns or rows
 Do not use cell justification (left/right/center)
 Comments involving Tables, Math Formulas,
Figures, Graphics, pretty-print Software Listings,
images or anything that is not simple text, PLACE
them in a Word Document and ATTACH the
document to your comment.
NOTE: For more detailed info please refer to:
If you have questions, please contact:
Matthew Ceglia
[email protected]