Welcome to School!

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Welcome to School!
Computer Applications Class
Don Miller, Teacher
How to Access my Web Page:
Go to www.mvla.net
•Click on “Los Altos High”
•Click on “District Staff
•Type my last name in the
search box.
•On the right side, click
on “visit”
What will we do in this class?
Become expert users of the most
popular applications in businesses
and schools.
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel
Spreadsheets, and PowerPoint).
Alter and Edit computer graphics in
Selected topics in computing including
hardware, software, memory,
malware, history of computing, the
development of computers.
Beginning HTML (Web Design)
Lab Rules
• No food/water/drinks
• Bring paper & pen daily.
• Copying another person’s file
constitutes cheating and invokes
administrative intervention.
• Students and parents are held
responsible for willful damage to any
computer’s hardware or software.
Students must abide by the district
computer use agreement.
• Use of social networking sites and
online games violates the computer
use agreement and is disallowed.
Students should check personal email at home, not at school.
You will need:
These computers are aging. Keep a backup of your work
on your Flash Drive!
• 85% student generated products and
performance on small quizzes and
end-of-quarter projects. Assignments
are given different point values,
depending on the importance of each
assignment. This will be referred to
as “written work” even though most
student generated products will be
“written” on the computers.
• 15% of the student’s grade will be
determined by the Final Exam.
Grading Scale
• Grading Scale:
• Standard percentage. (90-100%=A,
80-89%=B, 70-79%-C, 60-69%=D,
below 60%=F.
• Homework policy:
Work not completed in class
Late Work? No!!!
• Students have as many days as
excused absences to make up missing
work. (So if a student is sick for two
days, s/he has two days to make up
the missing work.)
It’s been a long day. What are we
doing today?
• Everyone in here will have a
password into their computer. Your
password is your student number,
located on the top, left corner of your
schedule. Leave out the zeros at the
beginning of your student I.D.
• Memorize your student I.D.
That means your teacher will visit each
of you today to set up your accounts!