AGCJ 407: Web Authoring in Agricultural Communications

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Transcript AGCJ 407: Web Authoring in Agricultural Communications

Advanced Elements
Advanced HTML Codes
AGCJ 407
Advanced Elements
 Overview:
Interactivity elements
 Java
Animation effects
Interactivity elements
 What is Java Script?
A scripting language designed for use
within a Web page and/or on a Web server
Used to create special effects
Elements such as links, images and forms
can be manipulated using this powerful
Interactivity elements
Java Script  Can help you make
 Dynamic Splash Screen
 Pausing Up and Down Menu Scroller
 Banner Rotator
 Use Java Script in your HTML code
Make a Table Sorter:
 Example:
Interactivity elements
 Java Script
 A great Java Script source:
 Keep it handy if you want to make buttons,
calendars, games, and etc.
A great link to the Java Script Learning Center
 When using Java, choose selections with care
and make sure that scripts will enhance your
visitors’ experience, encouraging future returns
to your site
 You can have fonts or buttons change colors
 This effect is accomplished by using a special
"style" tag
 Only one such tag may be used per page
 To create the effect of changing text colors on links
as mouseovers, insert the tag into the head portion
of the page:
<!--a:hover{color:ff6666; text-decoration:none; backgroundcolor:none; }-->
Tip: Always include a space after the semicolon
 Insert this into page <head> area :
<style><!--a:hover{color:ff6666; text-decoration:none;
background-color:none; }--></style>
Customize your style with color,
underlining, type style, and background
color; go to:
 More Mouseover images and tips:
 Pop-up
images, images that shake and
images that can change or rollover
 More
mouse and cursor functions
Animation effects
Java can allows animation with text or
Create you own animated gifs
Animation using Image Ready
Some animation effects
The End
 Have fun writing Java
 Make good choices
 Selections should add, not distract,
visitors’ experience on your Web site