User Engagement and Online Prevention Information

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Transcript User Engagement and Online Prevention Information

Health Literacy Online:
Writing and Designing Easy-To-Use
Health Web sites
Sandra Williams Hilfiker, MA
Office of Disease Prevention & Health Promotion, HHS Before
Mental Models Study
How do users think
about prevention?
In-depth Interviews
Motives for seeking
prevention info.—
audience segmentation
Card Sort
How to organize
within a topic
Prototype Study:
paper and clickable
Usability Test 1
Usability Test 2
In-depth Interviews
How can intermediaries
use healthfinder?
Usability Test 3
Usability Test 4
Card Sort
How should topics be
Next Step:
Repeat portion of
Process for Spanish After
7 Lessons Learned from Limited
Literacy Web Users
Willing and Able!
Skipping instead of scanning
Difficulty searching
Narrow field of view
Easily overwhelmed
Limited working memory
Prefer simple navigation
Skipping Instead of Scanning
• Read every word on the page
• Skip over entire chunks of dense text
– < 3 lines of text triggered skipping
– Numbers, %, big words triggered skipping
• Start clicking on links instead of reading
the content
• May land in the middle of the page
Users did read this
Users didn’t read this
Difficulty Searching
• Avoid searching
• Prefer to browse topics using an
alphabetical or topic list (even if the list
is long)
– Provide multiple ways to browse (by A-Z
and by topic)
– List topics under multiple categories
• Struggle with spelling when using the
search function
Narrow Field of View & Easily
• Focus on the center of the screen
• Content in right hand margin mistaken
for ads and/or ignored
• Rarely scroll
• Even content written in plain language
can look overwhelming
Limited Working Memory
• Information Overload – takes
concentration and effort to read the text on
the page
• Less likely to remember content from
previous pages and are rarely looking
ahead or back on a page
• Difficulty making the connection between
the results page and the data they entered
on the previous screen
Prefer Simple Navigation
• Unfamiliar with – and often ignore –
common navigational elements like dropdown menus and breadcrumbs
• Success with simple tabbed navigation
with linear (numbered) pages
• Need to be able to use the back button
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“Health Literacy Online: A Guide to Writing
and Designing Easy-to-Use Health Web
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