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DR Hbbtv pilot project
Thomas Elton Jensen
DR Distribution
Streaming manager
National Public service broadcaster
in Denmark
Traditional free-to-air broadcast:
6 TV channels
22 Radio channels
DR Byen (2006)
Online website: dr.dk
#1 media site in Denmark with
>4.000.000 views / month
500.000 views hours/month
DRnu (DR.dk/tv )
Live simulcasting: all tv channels (geoblocked)
On demand : catchup TV
1 month archive+ prerelease
PC , mobile, tablets and … Smart-tv??
History … 2010+2011:
Many different “smart tv” technologies
Philips, Sony, Yahoo widgets, Samsung
 Proprietary and special development for each
● Part of a commercial portal?
 End user must install an app from an “App store”
● What about open standards?
=> “ DR hbbtv whitebook”
Why HbbTV:
Its an open and neutral technology
ETSI standard from july 2010
Nordic standard API (NorDig 28.09.2011)
EBU supported
Broadcaster “friendly”
Fast and easy development: ce-html ect.
Enduser: no app install, its part of the tv channel
Hbbtv Pilot 2012
Open public trial
•Catch-up video on demand services
•Similar to service on dr.dk
Same content , (subset only 7 days content)
● More simpel navigation: TV screen and remote control
● Same production: metadata+videoformat
● Same distribution: streaming servers
Hbbtv technology:
Simpel concept:
1) On DRs broadcast TV channels, metadata is send
on the channel, signaling an Hbbtv services.
2) TV or setup boxes supporting the standard (HBBtv) and are
connected to the internet, will show a red-button icon on the tvscreen.
3) When the user actives the red-button, the TV displays a Hbbtv
page from drdk with content from dr.dk and on demand video.
DR HbbTV webpage
Close Hbbtv
DR nu content on tv,
 Video 1Mbit, same as pc quality
 Same QOS as the internet (buffering ? Etc)
from drdk
DR Pilot: Open trial in 2012
Technical test :
 DRnu application on different TVs. Can we
develop ONE simple application for all Hbbtv TVs.
No special fix or customization?
 Interoperability workshops, how to test?
 Hbbtv signaling in networks: dvb-t, cabel etc
 Video en web quality on the big screen : h264 in
1.3 mbs
Web streaming experience on tv, is “buffering”
DR Pilot: Open trial in 2012
User test :
Interviews with a selected usergroup
Ease of use,
Navigation with remote control
 TV vs web quality
 Web, hbbtv, mobile?
Project plan
December 2011-march 2012
 Development of Hbbtv application
 launched open pilot 1.3 2012
March-August 2012
 Technical test and bug fix
Test on different networks: DTT, cabel etc
 Test of launcher application, “offline page”
September- 2012
 User test
October – December 2012
 Evaluation :
Jan 2013, Trial continues q1+q2
Unique visitors pr month
Unikke besøgende
Visits pr month
Antal besøg
Jan/12 Feb/12 Mar/12 Apr/12 May/12 Jun/12 Jul/12 Aug/12 Sep/12 Oct/12 Nov/12 Dec/12
Technical test, some results:
• Yes its possible to develop one application for all Hbbtv
•Fast development, very easy to make changes
•Testing is very difficult: 5 tv sets (legacy models)
• Minor bug fix, red button used for rec etc, exit to broadcast
signal etc
• Problems with H264, hinted for download
•Offline page in broadcast didn’t work at first, also problem with
• How to open for hbbtv on Samsung TV!
• No official list of hbbtvs in dk
• Progressive download does not always wok
… http byte range request with an open end, and DRs caching
Pilot continues: fix caching problem, New drdk/tv api, internal test
of Mpegdash if possible. Evaluation the need for App-server like
Nordijas Fokus on.
User survey:
• DR Hbbtv pilot is a success
•Easy to view a program you missed on TV
•TV when you want
•No need for extra devices
•You don’t have to connect pc to tv
•You don’t need a PVR
• Must work every time , its like TV
• Must be easy to use:
•what is red button,
•how to use fixed point navigation?
• how to find content : A-z, search?
• Premium content, more content!