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Emerging Digital
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Mobile computing
The music industry was revolutionized by devices such as
the iPod and MP3 player. Now new tablet devices like the
Apple iPad or the Dell Streak are examples of the way in
which computing is evolving.
Touch-screen tablets are becoming
widely used as web browsers,
e-book readers, and personal
entertainment interfaces.
A school in Scotland hit the headlines in 2010 for
being the first school to offer iPads for use by all
students in lessons, claiming it offers solutions not
provided by any other device.
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New technology
The Pulse Smartpen records handwriting and
converts it into a digital format.
Projected keyboards and screens
offer the potential for desktop PCs
that fit in your pocket.
Google’s Google map service now allows smartphone users
to see street maps in 3D. Using augmented reality, with the
‘Nearest Tube’ app, users can also video their surroundings
and see overlaid information on nearby tube stations.
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