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Andrew J. Coppola
Music by Gustavo Santaolalla titled “Wings”.
By special permission from the Coppola family to the Plainville High School
Class of 1958.
Andrew J. Coppola
1941 - 1990
Andy’s studio on the day of the Special Exhibit for his
classmates and friends. After spending a few minutes
surrounded by his art, one could feel Andy’s presence…
Andy started his career doing sketches and
paintings… his love for sculpture came later.
…his sculptures include work with sheet
metals as shown in the foreground…
Andy titled this paint “Forme e spazi di un paesaggio” / “Shapes and Spaces of a
Landscape”. It is a signed acrylic with collage on canvas that Andy produced in 1960 while
at the Hartford Art School.
According to ARTNET, it was last sold 13 December 2006. This is another of the rare
works that Andy released while he was living.
One of the few
pieces that Andy
placed on the
market, “BLACK
bronze measuring
22” x 20” that
Andy sculpted in
It was last sold 3
December 2000*.
According to the
Coppola family,
Andy had also
named this
* According to
…a wood model that
Andy sculpted perhaps
as a first step in
forming a new cast
Unnamed sculpture…
a beautiful
superimposition of the
female figure on a
'Woman's Torseau': a
bronze sculpture of a
…an exquisitely
beautiful bronze
…a sketch and study
for a future sculpture…
…the variations on
the human leg may
have been studies
and experiments
for future work…
Andy titled this sculpture “STAR
It was commissioned by the town of
Berlin, CT. The year is unknown. It
is a cast aluminum sculpture which
measures about 7.5’.
…a photo of ‘STAR
DANCER’ taken after its
unveiling in Berlin, CT…
“FOUNTAIN” …a granite
sculpture 8” in diameter
… a repeating
theme in Andy’s
art is the human
female figure…
this time made
into an integral
part of the
In some of the
languages, the
moon is given a
female gender...
“La Luna”
…a most beautiful
aspect of Andy’s art is
his work with
hammered metals, in
this case copper and
…perhaps the beginnings
of a new sculpture in
hammered copper… or,
perhaps an unfinished
aspects of
Andy’s art…
…'Marilyn –
Emma Jean': a rolled
aluminum sculpture. …
…'Nadia': an aluminum
sculpture of a female
… while spending some time at
his brother Gary Coppola’s
“Sebastian Beach Inn” in
Melbourne Beach, Florida, Andy
added some of his colorful
artwork to the Inn. The Inn
features Blues musicians and
reggae parties.
Andy in his studio
working on “STAR
Andy’s final work: ….a self-portrait in his last few days.