Transcript Nigel - TOP

Nigel is a guitar player from Liverpool.
He loves old-fashioned,
straight-ahead rock music.
His favorite bands are
the Smashing Pumpkins
and My Chemical Romance.
He also loves metal.
In his spare time, he reads
spooky comic books and
watches old horror movies.
He also collects weird and
unique vintage toys.
Nigel is wearing a Union Jack T-shirt,
a black denim jacket and
light blue jeans.
He just loves his Wolverine boots.
Nigel always wears sun glasses
and carries his guitar with him
where ever he goes.
Nigel has ginger hair and grey eyes
(which we don’t get to see very often).
He is a tall guy and very slim.
Nigel wants to be a rock star,
but he is also studying to be
a music teacher.
Just in case, Nigel?
Nigel always has a little smile
on his face.
He likes to tell jokes but
he seldom laughs aloud.
He is known to be a nice guy
with a lot of friends.
What would you like to say to us,
Welcome To The Black Parade
I'm just a man,
I'm not a hero
Just a boy,
who's meant to sing this song
Just a man, I'm not a hero