1. Dominant Trait

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Transcript 1. Dominant Trait

Grade Science
Unit 5:
Heredity and the Environment:
Traits and Genetics
Lesson 1:
Inherited Traits and Learned
Vocabulary of Instruction
1. Dominant Trait
A genetic trait that an organism
has if the dominant gene for
that trait is present. It is shown
on the outside of the organism
and is represented by capital
letters (AA, BB, CC).
2. Inherited Trait
A specific trait or characteristic that was
received through heredity from of an
organism’s parents.
3. Interaction
The quality, state or
process of two or more
objects or organisms
acting on each other.
4. Learned Behavior
A behavior that an
animal has been taught
or has learned from
experience. The
behavior can also be
The Ducks learned to follow their mom.
The Dog learned to ride the bike
5. Recessive Trait
An inherited trait that is not
expressed or shown
physically in the offspring. It
is represented by lower case
letters (aa, bb, cc).