The Big Bang”- The Life Cycle of the Sun

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Transcript The Big Bang”- The Life Cycle of the Sun

“The Big Bang”- The Life Cycle of the Sun
Space Science
• Target Audience California Middle School
• Event: California Science Teacher Conference,
October 24th 2010
• Target goals: Interaction of solar wind on
Earth’s systems specifically human technology.
California Science
4b: Students know that the Sun is one
of many stars in the Milky Way galaxy
and that stars may differ in size,
temperature, and color.
4d: Students know that stars are the
source of light for all bright objects in
outer space and that the Moon and
planets shine by reflected sunlight, not
by their own light.
…By carefully analyzing the spectrum
of light from stars…stars are composed
primarily of hydrogen, …smaller
amounts of helium, and other
chemical elements. (Science
Framework for California Public
Schools, 2004).
Inquiry for
Space Science
How do we get students
involved with space
How do we get students to
master the concepts of
space science without
Well ………….
Here are some ideas of
engaging and involving
activities to assist in
mastering the concepts.
How Does the Sun
Affect the Earth?
Mysterious Events
Lesson 1.1
For students to take
ownership make sure the
write out questions from
each news flash. They
may be similar.
After all the news flashes
are read have the
students talk about their
I discuss what is testable
and what could be
answered by research and
we make 2 different
groups. Place questions
Lesson 1.2 Scale Model of
the Sun-Earth System
1. Give the Pre-Unit
This is can be used as a KWL.
Go over some thoughts
about what we do know
already about space?
Ex: The sun is a star.
Discuss why the sun is
important to us.
Discuss why the sun looks so
much larger and
brighter than other
Use models to explain
relative size and
distance. ( some
examples in handouts)
1.2 Scale model of the
Sun-Earth System
Is there something wrong
with this picture?
Discuss with small groups.
Share out.
Ask again to students How
far is earth from the sun?
Review question wall
Other lessons that are important
but for time
• Lesson 1.3 – Energy of
• Lesson 1.6 Investigating
Ultra violet shields
• Lesson 1.4 – A stormy
• Lesson 1.7 – Concluding
the Ultraviolet-Shields
• Lesson 1.5 – The
Balloon-Rocket Mission
• Lesson 1.8 – Living with
a stormy sun
Projects for students
• Traveling around the
solar system Podcast
that students will create
after you complete
some of the lessons
from the gems book
and examine some of
the missions.
• A sound ( sorry no
pictures) of a podcast
by an 8th grade students
from Curtiss Middle