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Transcript BHSD STAR

BHSD Service Tracking and Reporting
Basic System Functions
• Mark Abeyta
– Optum Health New Mexico
– ATR Clinical and Recovery Support Manager
• Mindy Hale
– Software Developer
– ATR IT Coordinator
Moderator - Brenda Martinez
– Optum Health New Mexico
Questions That Have Come Before
• When is ASI-MV no longer available?
– Jan 1, 2013
• Why no longer using ASI-MV?
– Moving towards more client and provider friendly
– Costs
– Outcome tracking ability, provider level (by client and
aggregate) and State level (aggregate)
– Identifying client hopping
– Tailor treatment based on past experience
Questions That Have Come Before, cont.
• Is interview face-to-face?
– Yes
– 18,000 + have taken this survey in New Mexico
• What is the GPRA?
– Tool designed by OMB at the federal government in 1993
– Ask questions exactly as written for cross site consistency
– Addresses all areas of NOMs (National Outcome Measures)
• How much time does it take?
– 30 minutes: experience decreases time
• Reimbursement?
– More information coming on this from Optum Health
• Fee for use?
– None
Next Steps
• Provider Registration
– Optum will set up.
– No action required by providers.
• Staff Registration
– Pick your initial staff and submit to
[email protected].
– Forms located at ( starting Jan
1, 2013).
• Train your staff on how to administer the survey.
• You and your staff complete on-line protocol and
system functioning training and quiz.
After login, you will see your home page. This page will list any upcoming trainings that are
available and important notices.
Under Staff Access you have a list of all of your staff that have accounts to access this system. It
is the responsibility of the primary and /or secondary contact to keep this list current.
You can all see a summary of your activity for the current fiscal year and overall as well as what
is being collected around the State.
Your first step in BHSD STAR is to complete a Registration.
Enter the client’s first and last names and date of birth. Click on Check Records.
If there is any possible match in the system state-wide, this will be listed. Proceed as directed.
Note: If you know the individual is already registered in your system, you can go directly to
If there are no possible matches determined, the rest of the fields under registration will be
opened for entry.
The State Id is Optum’s customer number. If you do not know Optum’s customer number,
enter any number you want to in this field. A number is required.
Once complete, click ADD. The system will do one more check for possible matches based on
phone numbers. Proceed as directed if a match is found.
Under FIND, enter any of the information and click Find the Individual. A list will be returned
with all possible matches based on the information entered.
LIST Individual will return all active clients. You can click on any of the letters at the top of the
screen to reduce the list by client last name or you can click on Filter Results to narrow even
Once you ADD or select an individual, you will be taken to this screen which is the Specific
Individual page. Always verify the clients Name at the top before entering information.
Contact Information can be updated by clicking on Contact Information and you can add any
client Notes you want by clicking on Client Notes.
Click on Enter New Survey to add a survey.
Once the survey opens, this is what you will see. Individual items not yet completed are outlined
in red and the different sections not yet completed have yellow check marks.
The initial consent for an individual to participate in the electronic exchange can be opened by
clicking on Participation Form.
As you move through each item, the red outline will disappear with each successful answer.
Answers are cross-checked by the system as you complete them.
Click Save and Continue to move to the next section. You can also Save and Exit to return at a
later time.
Once a section is successfully completed, it will show with a green check mark.
Any items that are greyed out, are not required based on your answer to a previous question.
If you enter an answer that is not allowed based on system checks, the item will stay outlined in
red and you will not be able to save the section as completed.
In this case, item 1.b2. can not be greater than 1a.
Once completed, the survey will display in the STOT History table. You can view the survey
summary to print and you can update the participation response by clicking on Intake.
If this survey had been completed by a different provider, you would print the ROI and have the
client sign it and then you would submit that the client has signed the ROI (the submit button
will display beneath Does Individual Consent to ROI.) If Yes, you will have access to view the
Requirements for Account
• Submit Primary and Secondary account holder
for each organization
• Take online training on protocols and system
functions (this is the complete training)
• Complete online quiz (100%)
• Additional account holders must be submitted
by the Primary or Secondary account holder
• Registration form can be found at
under Forms (note: until Jan 1, 2013 go to
Nuts and Bolts
• A Computer
• Web Browser
• High Speed Internet Connection
• Adobe Flash Player
Note: A step by step manual will be available Jan 1,
2013 under Manuals at
HIPAA Safeguards for
Electronic Media
• Do not share your account password with
anybody for any reason. Ever.
• If leaving your computer, logout of and close
your browser.
HIPAA Requirements for
Electronic Exchange System
Multiple providers serving same population
• Signed consent attached to survey collection.
• Signed release of information to view survey
entered by different provider.
– Both of these must occur for a different provider to
view a survey they did not enter.
E-mail Communication
• Never include a clients name in any email
communication or via the contact us link.
• If emailing or using the contact us link to
communicate with the management team and
you have specific questions about a client, use
the individual Id number. No other
identification is necessary.