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Mi-Forms Best-of-Breed eForms Solutions
Sales Training
Gautham Pandiyan
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Market Update
• Still exploding! Forecast to outsell Desktops
by 2016!
• Microsoft Surface (Win 8)
• Google Nexus Tablet
• Panasonic ToughPad
• Ricoh eQuill
• And anyone including your Grandma!
Mi-Forms Target Users:
Organizations with Paper-Forms Process and Mobile Workers
Mi-Co Customers
Wilson County
Home Health
Customer Problems Mi-Co can Solve
Typical customer problems Mi-Forms can solve:
Save time by eliminating paper forms where data must
later be typed in the system.
Save money & boost revenue – staff time processing
paperwork is expensive and can be used in higher valueadd activities like seeing more patients
Reduce costs such as printing, scanning and storage of
paper forms
Improve data quality – real-time data validation and
automatic uploading reduce errors
Faster access to data for reporting and analysis
Go Green with paperless processes
Portability: Any Device, Any Form
Any Data…!
Flexible is our middle name…
What is Mi-Forms?
Mi-Forms Software System
Software that allows enterprises to build electronic forms applications for penbased data collection
•Build Any Form
•Supports Tablet PC, Keyboard, Digital Pen, iPad, Android Slates, Smartphones
•Implement Any Business Rule for Verification and Validation
•Communicate with Any Backend System
Mi-Forms Solution Components
Mi-Forms Software Products for your hardware
•Mi-Forms Designer for building forms
•Mi-Forms Client for capturing and validating data
•Mi-Forms Server for information communication and administration
Mi-Forms Solution Components
Approval Workflow
PDF Forms Image
Viewer, Archive
Doc mgmt
Etc Etc…
Mi-Forms Server
Standard Exports
PDF, others)
ERP System
Doc Mgmt
Mi-Forms Client
Collection Methods: Touch
Collection Methods: Tablet PC
“We’ve simply replaced pen and paper with digital ink
and Tablet PCs. With this change, we’re now in a
position to collect an entire spectrum of data and
deposit the data simultaneously in a clinical system or a
national registry… It’s like zapping your paper form
right into the database.” Richard E. Shaw, M.A., Ph.D.,
F.A.C.C, F.A.C.A ,Director of Research, Quality and
Education, CPMC Heart and Vascular Center, California
Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, Sutter Health.
Collection Methods: Keyboard
Use Mi-Forms with simple keyboard entry to
enter data on Laptop PCs or Desktop PCs too!
Mi-Co’s Key Differentiation
Proven: 13 years experience building mobile-forms
Flexible: Any data, any device
solutions from the ground-up for Tablets & mobile
anywhere. Support for maximal
input options, hardware devices,
Enterprise: Robust, scalable technology that has
Intellectual Property:
passed audits by Eli Lilly, Sutter Health and AT&T
10 issued US patents covering
digital writing technology,
including 7,869,655, 7,486,824 &
6,798,907, others pending
Safety Certifications in Mining
• Safety Training – Elko, Nevada
New Training / Recertification / Observation – for
Training Compliance on Use of Surface/UG
• New staff (batches every 2 weeks) need to go
through training before handling mining
• 5000 – 23 Form – Government Regulation –
mandatory for each staff
• New training takes approx. 1 month
• Currently Haul Truck forms are complete, on
• Quick, easy retrieval for audits
• No Paper storage, loss
Request for 40 more form business processes
Extremely Satisfied with Mi-Co Solution
Eli Lilly: Pharmaceutical QA
Insulin vials biologics manufacturing
Defect counting – mechanical counters or
odometers, QA Inspections
 Supervisor sign-offs
 Manual line halts, counting
Automated process using “C-Forms”
(rebranded Mi-Forms) on Tablet PCs
 Removal of paper (going green)
 Time savings, efficiency, accuracy
 25 errors a week to ONE a week (with C-Forms)
 >8,000 forms filled
 22,064 data points, ZERO missed data points
 Global roll-out planned
Planned SAP integration
Scanning to Tablet Capture:
Steadman Sports Medicine Clinic
• Reseller: CTSS (Ft. Collins, CO)
• Previous process: Teleform OCR
scanning, verification & entry
• Implemented Mi-Forms on Tablet
• Benefits:
– 97.33% reduction in collection costs
• $3.75/record to $0.10/record
– 60,000 records collected
– Doctors love it!
“The Mi-Forms Solution on Tablets has been a
game-changer for us in research and clinical
data capture! Our data capture costs have been
reduced over 97%, our quality is better and we
have information available much quicker. The
Mi-Forms system is a winner and has fully
replaced our Teleform scanning system for these
purposes. We look forward to doing a lot more
with Mi-Forms.”
- Karen Briggs, Director of Clinical Research
Customer Case Studies
Field Inspection & Reporting
– Over 1000 pieces of equipment were
inspected in a single day
– Savings in data entry time of 67.5%.
• Inspectors sampled 176,468 cattle in 2004
• 8X the 2003 total of 20,543
• Hit their goal of 260,000 in January 2005
• Project was months ahead of schedule
• Agency developed a disease-tracking system and database
in 12 weeks
• Quantified $675,000/yr in savings from going paperless!
Baseline Magazine
ROI: Children’s Hospital Boston
“Mi-Forms replaced our paper process
with user-friendly, handwritten e-forms on
Tablet PC
We have instant electronic data in the
EMR for compliance and reporting.
Brian J. Fligor, ScD, CCC-A
Director of Diagnostic
Children's Hospital Boston
Instructor, Harvard Medical
Mi-Forms allows us to see an additional
800 patients a year with the same staff.
We're providing more and better care at
lower cost with Mi-Forms.”
ROI: Home Health
• Nurses saved one hour per nurse
per day on paperwork!
• Agency reduced late submissions
from 31% to 8% in a month!
• Data-entry errors down by 50%!
Debra Harris, Director
Wilson County Home
• Productivity gain of $1,200/day!!
ROI : Cell Tower Inspections
• Field support managers, 7700 towers
• Excel spreadsheets, photographs
– 30-90 min inspection
– Up to 3 hours manual data entry
• Site Data Form on Tablet PC powered
by Mi-Forms
– 2 hours per day per field manager saved
• Auto-photos, Pre-fill data, eForms
– Improved data quality
– $60,000 per year per field manager, savings
ROI : NC Dept of Agriculture
• Pesticides inspections
• About 20 field inspectors
– Turnaround time: 1-2 weeks
– Paper forms, mailing, transcribing, data-entry
• Mi-Forms on Tablet PC solution
– Instant lookups of database in field
– Easy, fast data submission straight to managers
• Turnaround time: 2-3 days!
– Improved data quality
– Additional licensing revenue generated!
• Federally funded process – opportunity
Complete Reporting System
Powerful Managerial Dashboards
Success Replicated…
ROI: Manufacturing
“Before Mi-Forms and electronic
data at the point of inspection,
errors were much more likely
to occur in the process. Our
manual process was inhibiting
our production capability,
greatly reducing our efficiency
and effectiveness.”
Chris Painter, Chuck Watkins
Chuck Watkins,
System Administrator
Cataler NA
Cataler North America,
a division of Toyota North America
ROI: Energy & Utilities
Baker Energy:
• CBM Inspections, Asset Management
• Challenge: Getting data from the field into
databases quickly. Finding solution that
works in rugged, hazardous environments
• Solution: Mi-Forms software for remote data
collection and quick transmission
• Results: Time savings of about 2 hours per
person per week for 4 people!
Automatic entry to central database allowing
multiple departments tracking access.
ROI: Financial Services
• Insurance applications,
property inspections etc.
– Complex paper forms, data
– Cumbersome keying process
• Mi-Forms on Tablet PC
– Property inspections
– Insurance applications,
• Considerable time savings
• Complex data, accuracy
ROI: Building Services
“Automating the data
collection process of our
field agents has brought
us a tremendous ROI.”
John Fields, CFO
BCH Mechanical
This allowed ConServ to
bill and receive payment
more quickly, but also
provide faster client
service for happy clients
like Target.
ROI-Driven Sales Support Tools
Questioning Strategy
• Do you currently have a strategy or plan for improving paper-based processes in your
• How many mobile workers do you have? In what function?
• Are they filling out paper forms now? How is that data managed? Why is it important to
capture that data?
• Do you have backend systems in place now? SQL, Oracle, Access….
• What is the workflow for their jobs now?
Does this require them to come back to the office?
Are there action items based on the forms they fill out?
Are forms lost?
Is data late or delayed? If so, what’s the cost/penalty?
Next Steps:
•Make it RAIN! 
• Gautham Pandiyan
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