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Three Models were Built in STELLA
Model 3: tumor suppressor genes repair ALL mutations
of proto-oncogenes.
This continues until both alleles of at least
one tumor suppressor gene are mutated, at
which time repair of mutated proto-oncogenes
ceases and tumors are free to form if there are
enough mutated proto-oncogenes.
Model 3, Run 1
Model 3, Run 2
A Java Version of Model 1 Was Built
to Collect a Large Dataset
The Results of Model 1 Run 100,000 Times
Number of individuals
who got cancer
per 100,000 people
Age (in arbitrary units) at onset of cancer
How Well Does the Simulation using Model 1
Match the Actual Data?
Numbers of cases
Age at which curve starts
to rise steeply
Assumptions Made in the Models that
Could be further Refined
Mutations are “bad”:
any mutation alters the function of the protein
take into account different kinds of mutations
such as silent mutations and
conservative substitutions of amino acids
Also, how do we match this to real time in a real organ?