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Transcript Cynthia-Halobacteriu..

-Cool, cuz it turns stuff red!
The halobacterium has been around for billions of years
Species: H. salinarium
Strain: NRC-1
Organism: Archaea (meaning: no nucleus!)
Halobacterium is way cool cuz:
- has to have a lot of salt to live (yum!)
- found in every day objects!
- attributed to spoiling
- grows at a neutral pH
-grows in salt
- grows in neutral pH
- can live in extreme conditions
-35% of proteins are unrelated to
what is previously reported
- can go through many methods of
gene manipulation
- utilization of amino acids
- Sequenced by U of Washington, U of Massachusetts, and
Institute of Systems Biology
- Announced the complete sequence at Oct 3, 2000
- Size: 2,571,010-bp (2630 predicted proteins)
-Main Chromosome (2,014,239 bp) GC (67.9%)
-Plasmid p100 (191,346 bp) GC (59.1%)
-Plasmid p200 (365, 425 bp) GC (57.8%)
We want to know this cuz…
Halobacterium today is used to develop orally
administered vaccines and to design new antibiotics
Although it is a archaea, has pathways to
amino acids, potassium, DNA replication/
transcription/ translation, like eukaryotes.
Although the halobacterium is an
archaea, it is very closely related to
bacillus subtilis (which is a bacteria)
Plus.. we can’t forget… it’s cool
because it can turn things red!