Power Stations in Estonia

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Transcript Power Stations in Estonia

Power Stations in Estonia
By: Ann, Annika, Kerli, Jaana,
Kaija, Merit, Diana
What is oil-shale?
• One of the most important mineral
products found in Estonia
• Resembles brownish,
flaky stone
• Thin oil-shale leaves
can be lit with a match:
reason to be called
“burning rock” in Estonian
First power plants
• At the end of the 19th century power
engineering development began in
the largest towns and industrial
centres of Estonia- Tallinn, Pärnu,
Kunda, Tartu and Narva
• Power engineering in Narva:
connected with industries such as
Kreenholm Manufactory, the Narva
Flaw Mill and the Narva Cloth Factory
(worked on water!)
Mining oil-shale in 1928
Mining oil-shale underground
Power stations in Estonia
Based on oil-shale:
• The Balti Power Plant
• The Eesti Power Plant
• The Iru Power Plant
Cover 95% of
energy needs
The Balti Power Plant
• One of the world`s biggest power stations
that uses oil-shale
• Built 1956-1965,
• fullpower 600 MW,
• uses 10-12 million
tons of oil-shale per year
• Possible to use oil-shale ashes: no need to
process raw material+ less pollution
The Eesti Power Plant
• the biggest
power station in
the world that
uses the local
oil-shale with low
calorific value
• Full power is
1610 MW
The Iru Power Plant
• Near Tallinn, built to heat Lasnamägi (Tallinn’s
district) and Maardu
• Since 1993 gas has been used (low repairing
costs, higher profitableness)
Ash hills
• The ash- as result of production activity is
stored in the ash disposal area located not
far from the power station
• 100 million tons of ash sediments
• Most ash can be used liming acid soils in
agriculture but…
A Survey among students
• How much energy do you use at home per
46 students answered
on average 250 kWh/month 23 students (50%)
950 kWh/month 8 students (~18%)
do not know 15 students (~33%)
A Survey among students (2)
• How do you save energy at home?
1. Saving bulbs (30)
2. Daylight lamps (11)
3. Lower (night) price for higher power machines
at home (26)
4. Automatic electric heating (5)
5. Switching lights off when leaving a room (45)
6. A-category machines (22)
7. Stove heating (2)
Thank you for listening!