Transcript balance

• The way the elements are arranged on a page
in a harmonious way
The principle of design that shows
something folded in half and is the same on
both sides
Radial Balance - The principle of art that
shows a design going around in a circle
asymmetrical balance - The principle of
balance that shows one side of the
composition is dominant or unequal
• Human figure is 7 ½ Heads Tall
• The measurement of the proportion of an infant
is 3 Heads
• Foreshortening - Shortening the proportions of an object
to make it look as if it is extending back into space
• Scale - The size of an object in relation to another object
around it or in its environment refers to
• Hierarchal proportion - The type of proportion the show
the most important figure or object larger than then less
important figure or objects
• Distortion - Any deviation from or exaggeration from
normal proportion
• Organized Pattern - A pattern
that shows the same shape
repeating in an orderly manner
• Random - A pattern that repeats in an unorganized
hap hazard design
• Tessellating pattern - The type or repetition that
shows interlocking of shapes in an overall pattern is
• Flowing - The type of rhythm that shows repeating
wavy lines like rolling hills or water
• Progressive rhythm - The principle of rhythm where
the object changes slightly each time in the
• Regular rhythm - The type of
rhythm that shows identical
beats repeated with equal
spaces in between them
• Kinetic - Art that has actual
moving parts
• Sequential - A series of images arranged in a logical,
storytelling manner
• Implied movement - When an image or sculpture
captures a movement in time; stopping the action
Islamic Art
• This type of art is mainly made-up of plantlike,
geometric and calligraphic patterns
Henri Matisse
• Fauve Artist - known for his wild colors in his
• an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and
engineer of the High Renaissance
• Sistine Chapel
Leonardo Da Vinci
• an Italian
painter, sculptor,
engineer, inventor
• Famous Portrait
Mona Lisa
Vincent VanGogh
One of the most prolific portrait
painter and created many self
Grant Wood
• The American Regionalist
painter known for his
famous painting
“American Gothic”
MC Escher
• The Dutch artist who is known for his
tessellating designs
Johannes Vermeer
• Girl With The Pearl Earring was considered
the “Mona Lisa of the North”
Op Art
Victor Vaserley and Bridget Riley
• Zebras by Victor Vaserley
• Bridget Riley
• When printmaking you used a brayer to apply the ink
to you stamps