Spring Break and Prom Safety

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Transcript Spring Break and Prom Safety

Carroll County Schools
 Youth
who drink alcohol are more likely to
• School problems, such as higher absences or failing
Social problems, such as fighting or lack of
participation in youth activities
Legal problems, such as arrest for driving or hurting
someone while drunk
Unwanted, unplanned, and unprotected sexual
Alcohol related car crashes
Death from alcohol poisoning
From www.cdc.gov
 http://www.edgarsnyder.com/images/inf
 Making
good decisions:
• Plan ahead what you will say or do if someone
offers you alcohol or another illegal drug.
• Know your date before you go. If you are going
with someone you do not know, set up a date
prior to the prom.
• Talk with a trusted adult before prom about
possible situations and ask him/her to be
available during prom night if you need to call.
 Keep
an eye on your date/driver to make
sure he/she doesn't drink any alcohol.
 Know where you're going before prom
night and have directions to those places.
 Remember -- if you find yourself in an
uncomfortable position, or if the driver
isn't safe, have enough money with you to
call a friend or a cab. Have a trusted adult
you can call.
 After
prom, gather in a friend's house or
backyard, take your shoes off, turn up the
music, and really dance!
 Host a karaoke party at your house
 Have a "Cranium" or "Act One" party at
someone's house
 Go to a late-night diner all dressed up
and order fries and a milkshake; it'll hit
the spot and you'll get tons of attention!
 With
an elbow partner, discuss how you
will use this information to stay safe
during prom and Spring Break. Be sure
to consider the consequences of not
making the right decisions.