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Universal Solvent: dissolves most substances
due to POLARITY : hydrogen slightly positive
and oxygen slightly negative
How many times more acidic is a substance with a pH of 4 versus a
substance of a pH of 5????
10 times!
The decay of an element’s unstable nucleus into
another nucleus, giving off radiation.
This decay occurs at a predictable rate or HALF
Half Life: the time it takes for half of the sample to
(Ex: A 150 kg sample of X has a half life of 2 yrs,
after 2 yrs 75 kg remain, after 4 yrs 37.5kg remains)
Using resources in a responsible manner, so
future generations are able to use resources
Strategies include RECYCLING, REUSING,
Also replenishing resources, replanting crops,
fertilizing land etc.
Remote Island, with large statues
Islanders used resources inefficiently and
destroyed their society by destroying their
Island was transformed from a lush, diverse
environment to a barren environment
Trees were used to move stone
Resources provided by environment
What are examples of services?????
…….water, land, etc.
Human population:
Food Production:
Resource Depletion:
Global Temp/ Atmospheric CO2:
genetic, species, ecosystems
7 billion and growing
grain production is attempting to meet demand
extracting too much too quickly
global warming
A population with many variations is most fit
or healthy.
EX) There are two separate population of
bacteria, one is a population of clones and the
other has high variations in genotype.
They are both treated with antibiotics, the
clones die because they have no immunity. The
variable population survives because of mutant
who are naturally resistant.
Atmospheric carbon dioxide and other
greenhouse gases are responsible for trapping
heat on earth, helps to maintain a constant
If you can’t
stand the heat
get out of the
20% of the worlds pop. Uses 87% of auto resources,
45 % of meat & fish, 58% of energy, and 84& of
paper resources!
The measure of how much that a person consumes
expressed in an area of land. Measured in hectares
In 91’, roughly a million fish died in N. Carolinas
Nuese’ River, a microscopic organism named
Pfiesteria (emits a poisonous toxin) was identified
as the cause.
24 life stages transformed from a harmless algae
eater, but in the presence of high nutrients and
plentiful fish it transforms into a carnivorous life
Stuns fish and burrows into flesh eating it,
amoebas and cysts also exist. Industrial hog farms
fed nutrient rich waste into river. Widespread
panic caused $40 mil loss in seafood sales, hysteria
thought to be overblown but later the culprit/toxin
was validated in 07.
Systems, such as ecosystems, have components
that interact and influence each other.
Closed Sytem vs Open Systems
Feedback Loops occur when an output affects
and input
Accuracy- how close a measured value is to
the actual or true value.
Precision- how close the repeated
measurements are to others
Uncertainty- how much the measure differs
from the true value.
How is
An experimental drug is being tested to see if it
improves weight loss. 1000 females, who are
age 25, caucasian, and 20 lbs overweight are
used in the study. 500 of the women receive a
placebo or sugar pill, while the other 500
receive the experimental drug. The second
group experience significant weight loss.
A)Independent variable- experimental drug
B) Dependent Variable – weight loss
C) Constants- females, caucasian, age 25, 20 lbs
D) Control- First group who receives placebo