Expedition Workshop Networking Geospatial 2006 02 21

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Transcript Expedition Workshop Networking Geospatial 2006 02 21

Expedition Workshop Networking
Geospatial: 2006 02 21
Metadata Community of PracticeAddressing Metadata Beyond
Geospatial Referenced Data
Sharon Shin
Metadata Coordinator
Federal Geographic Data Committee Secretariat
Denver, Colorado
[email protected]
Scientific Information
Management Workshop
 Reston, Virginia
 USGS National Center Auditorium
 March 21-23, 2006
 http://www.cr.usgs.gov/simw/
 Registration deadline:
– Tuesday, March 7, 2006
 Registration via website email.
Workshop Purpose
 Addresses USGS’s Scientific Information
Management (SIM) challenges
 Invitees: Bureau programs and projects,
other DOI bureaus, and other organizations
 Present and discuss problems, approaches,
and solutions for
– data collection, semantics and metadata, data
rescue, storage, archiving, visualization, mining,
information discovery and exchange,
interoperability, and others
Workshop Goals
 Bring together, for the first time,
representatives of major USGS efforts
address challenges in managing scientific
data and information,
 Discover common needs and goals; and
 Provide a forum in which projects or
programs facing similar problems can meet,
share information and experience, and
explore potential future cooperative efforts.
Anticipated Workshop
 An initial compilation of needs, tools, and best
practices … made available to USGS programs and
 Recognition of existing SIM groups or "communities
of practice" in the USGS
 Recommendations for community framework to
address additional SIM challenges;
 Methods for scientific information managers to
communicate with each other, exchange
knowledge, tools and approaches, and develop
collaborative efforts; and
 Identification of a suite of tools needed facilitate
communication within and between groups or
Communities of
Archiving of Scientific Data and Information
Database Networks
Digital Libraries
Emerging Workforce
Field Data for Small Research Projects
Knowledge Capture
Knowledge Organization Systems and Controlled
Large Time Series Data Sets
Portals and Frameworks
Preservation of Physical Collections
Scientific Data from Monitoring Programs
Metadata COP Description
… (B)ecome a focal point to exchange
(metadata) best practices, share
evolving technologies and techniques,
collaborate on and coordinate
information management activities, and
harness the vast information resources
within the USGS disciplines.
Recognizing Metadata
Geospatial data
Digital Objects
Dublin Core