Transcript Drugs

A Drug is:
A substance other
than food that
changes the way the
body or mind works.
Drug Use – term to describe a
drug-taking behavior.
Responsible Drug Use:
The correct use of legal drugs to
Promote health & well-being.
Drug Misuse: incorrect use of
Prescription or over-the-counter drugs.
Drug Abuse: the use of illegal drugs
Ways Drugs Enter the Body:
By Mouth – drug taken
orally and swallowed
By Injection – from a syringe
or needle, goes under the skin,
into a muscle or blood vessel.
By Inhalation – inhaled
through mouth or nose
By Absorption:
A drug is absorbed and enters the
bloodstream through the skin or
mucous membranes. Ointments,
creams, lotions, sprays and
patches can be applied to the skin
or mucous membranes.
How Drugs Work Inside the
Receptor Site: is the
part of a cell where the
chemical substance in a
drug fits.
Side Effect – is an
unwanted body change that
is not related to the main
The Effects Drugs have on the
Body are Determined by:
The way the drug
enters the body.
Weight, Age,
The amount taken Health Status
Emotional State
the Dose.
Use of other
The ability of a
substance to
dissolve soluability.
Prescription Drugs
Medicine is a drug that is used to treat,
prevent, or diagnose illness.
Prescription Drug is a medicine that
can be obtained only with a written
order from a licensed health
Prescription is a written order from a
certain licensed health professional.
Prescription Drugs (continued)
Brand-Name Drug – is a
registered name or trademark
given to a drug by a
pharmaceutical company.
Generic-Name Drug – a
drug that contains the same
active ingredients as a brandname drug. They are usually less
Over-the-Counter Drug (OTC)
A drug that can be purchased
without a prescription.
Information on OTC Drug
1. Name of product
2. Type of Drug
3. Amount in package
4. Main ingredient
5. Purpose of drug
6. Directions for safe use
7. Cautions & side effects
8. Manufacturer number
9. Expiration date
10.Name & address of manufacturer
Prescription Drug Label:
1. Pharmacy name,
address & phone
2. Name of licensed
health professional
3. Strength of medicine
4. Number of pills in
5. Number of refills
6. Expiration date
7.Date prescription was
8. Name of medicine
9. Name of patient
10.Prescription number
Drug Dependence
The continued use of a drug even though
it harms the body, mind, and relationships.
Chemical Dependence
Chemical Addiction
are other terms used for drug dependence.
Drug Dependence:
Physical Dependence –
a condition in which a person develops
tolerance & a drug becomes necessary, or
the person has withdrawal symptoms.
Tolerance –
condition in which the body becomes used
to a drug & larger amounts are needed to
produce the same effect.
Drug Dependence:
Withdrawal symptoms –
unpleasant reactions that occur when a
drug is no longer taken.
Psychological Dependence –
strong desire to continue using a drug for
emotional reasons.