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Drugs and Medicines
6th Grade
Lesson 1
Page D4-D11
How Medicines Help You
• Drug: a substance that changes
the way the body or mind works
• Medicine: a Drug used to
prevent or cure illness or
disease, or to relieve pain.
– Pain relievers, allergy pills,,
eyedrops, cough syrup
How Medicines Help You
• Prescription Drug: a medicine
that can be obtained only with a
written order from a physician.
• Over-the-Counter Drug: OTC- a
medicine that can be purchased
without a prescription.
How Drugs Enter the
• Drugs can enter the body in
many ways.
How Drugs Affect the
• Dose: the amount of a drug
taken at one time.
– Doses differ for age, body weight
and other factors that determine a
drug’s effect.
How Drugs Affect the
Amount of the dose
Age of a person
Body weight
Health of a person
State of mind of a person
Other drugs in the body
Side effects
How Drugs Affect the
• Side effect: an unwanted
reaction to a drug
• Tolerance: a condition in which
increasing amounts of a drug
are needed to produce the
desired effects
What do you think?
• All medicines are drugs,
but not all drugs are
Drug Misuse
• The harmful use of a leagl drug
that is not done on purpose.
Lack of knowledge
Not following instructions
Misread a label
Take after expiration date
Drug Abuse
• Harmful use of any drug on
– Taking a higher dose than
– Using prescriptin drugs without a
– Using illegal drugs
– Using alcohol or tobacco if
Drug Dependence
• A person craves a drug and uses
it repeatedly.
• Dependence can be physical,
psychological, or both
Physical Dependence
• Repeated drug use that causes
– Not taking it could cause problems
such as headaches, chills and
nausea. These are known as
withdrawal symptoms.
• The repeated use of a drug for
emotional or social reasons.
Signs of Drug Abuse
Talking about trying a drug
Lying about drug use
Hiding drugs
Smelling like alcohol
Suddenly getting into trouble
Spending time with peers who
use drugs.