What`s Inside Worksheet

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What’s Inside Worksheet
• Complete Worksheet
based on your best
knowledge (no
• Look up 3-5 chemicals
that you have never
heard of. Write down
what it is used for and
what could happen if
• You have to do the following research for your
assigned drug
1. What category of drug is yours? (Depressant,
Stimulant, Hallucinogens, Opiate..etc)
2. What neurotransmitter does your drug effect?
3. Is your drug an Agonist or Antagonist (does it
mimic a neurotransmitter or block a
4. What are the physical/physiological effects?
5. How many deaths per year are
attributed/associated with this drug? (consider
suicides, accidents, baby deaths)
Drug Project
• Needs to have a poster board minimum
• Needs to have all information typed and
• Needs to have at least 1 picture
– 1 picture of the drug (where it comes from)
• Plant or lab
• Needs to have at least 1 article
– A person who has been injured or caused injury to
someone while under the influence
– Could be someone who overdosed while under the