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By Ciara Rauckhorst
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Today’s Topics
Education and Career
• Education plan
• Some kinds of pharmacy
• What I like most
• What to expect
Computers in Pharmacy
• Fast, accurate information
• Reduced paper
• Internet pharmacies
• Drawbacks
Length of Education
• Long time (see right)
• About 6-7 yrs. is normal
• 2 or 3 yrs. Pre-pharmacy
• 4 yrs. Pharmacy school
Most Common Types of Pharmacy
• Community/retail and hospital are most common
• Online pharmacy one of the fastest growing sectors
• Numerous other types, most require more training
What I Like About My Future Career
Help people
Generally nice work environment
Local jobs
Love science
What Will Happen Now?
• The pharmacy profession
is expected to grow very
• So is the technology
In The Future…
Computers may take over enough duties of pharmacists
to decrease overall need!
Access Information
• Keep up with new and changing
• Medical histories can be stored
• Programs can check for mistakes,
drug interactions, insurance
coverage, etc.
• PDA is portable
Reduce Paper
•Papers get lost or damaged
•Must be stored
•A patient died because of this doctor’s handwriting
*I do not want to try to read this doctor’s handwriting
Internet Pharmacies
• Cheaper to run, cheaper to buy drugs, fewer
pharmacists needed
• Increasing in popularity, most pharmacies are already
• Convenience and privacy
Problems With Online Pharmacies
• Some illegally sell drugs without prescription
• Many overseas
• May sell fake drugs that look the same, but either
have no effect or may be dangerous
• Most well-known pharmacies can be considered safe
• Generally the technology is considered helpful
• May lead to a false sense of security; computers can
make mistakes, too
• Chance of becoming overly dependent on computers
• Computers can make things less personal
• Potential for personal information to be exposed
because of hacking or viruses
Computers Are Also Used For
• Research
• Education
• Drug development
Having an understanding of computers
is more important now than ever before
The more the role of computers in pharmacy changes
The more the role of pharmacists changes
And I predict a change for the better.
Thank You! To…
University of Texas
All of you for giving me perfect scores