What do these trends tell us?

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Transcript What do these trends tell us?

Nuclear Waste:
Low level
High Level
Low Level Waste Is Any
Slightly Radioactive Trash
Biomedical Research Uses
Radioactive Materials
Gene Mapping Uses
Radioactive Materials
FDA Drug Testing Uses
Radioactive Materials
Consumer Products Use
Radioactive Materials
• Smoke Detectors use Radioactive Americium-241
– Alpha emitter - Half life = 432 years!
Applying Nonstick Coating
to Pans Requires Radiation
Nuclear Power Plants Need
Radioactive Materials
Low Level Waste Is
Separated and Disposed of
Trash Is Sorted—Green Is
Low-Level Waste Is
Packaged for Disposal
Low-Level Waste Is Shipped In
Specially Designed Containers
Incinerators Dispose of
Some Low-Level Waste
Low-Level Waste Is Compacted
to 25% Original Volume
Large Components Are
Moved by Train
Large Components Are
Moved by Barge
Large Components at the
Site Are Staged for Disposal
Barnwell Disposal Site in S.C.
Congress Is Preparing for
New Future Disposal Sites
U.S. Low-Level Waste
Disposal Compacts
Future Disposal Sites Will Use
Technology to Maximize Safety
Our Families Depend on the
Benefits of Radioactive Materials
High Level Radioactive Waste
Fuel Rods Filled With Pellets Are
Grouped Into Fuel Assemblies
Fuel Assemblies Cool
Temporarily in Used Fuel Pools
52 Plants Will Run Out of
Used Fuel Storage by 2005
=Nuclear Power Plants
=Plants that will run out
of storage by 2005
Temporary Dry Storage On Site
Transportation Containers
Are Strong and Safe
Transportation Casks Have
Been Tested
Container Loaded on a
… And Crashed at 80 MPH
into a Concrete Wall
Container Broadsided by
Locomotive Traveling at 80
Containers Survived
Incineration Tests
Containers Passed Every Test
Yucca Mountain Being
Considered As Disposal Site
Seven Miles of Tunnels
Built in Yucca Mountain
President Recommends
Yucca Mountain