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IPHI Web Site Development
August 15, 2003
The Governor’s Conference on Public Health
Barn Raising IV
Phase I: Gather User Input
• Conducted focus groups
• Attended meetings
• Met with Advisory Committee
Phase II -- Create a Vision
(Content & Technology Groups)
• Synthesized input
• Identified content categories and subject
• Began site architectural planning
Content Focus From User Input
• Organizations, agencies,
• Statistics & demographics
• Grants & grant writing
• Rules, regulations,
• News
• Continuing education,
training, tutorials
• Reference resources,
databases, journals
• Health topics & consumer
• Search tips, strategies,
Phase III – Web Surfing & Mining
(Content Group)
• 4 surfers and miners dug for treasure
Linda Roth, Webmaster
Eric Rumsey, Hardin Meta Directory Developer
Donna Spilman, Government Documents Specialist
Hope Barton, Assistant Director for Information Resources
• Created “working database” to hold
identified links
• 1200 links to date (and growing!!)
Surfing and Mining Process
• Comprehensively identified Iowa sites and
• Identified key national and international
• Mined Iowa and national sites for “deep
links” (e.g. Iowa Department of Public
Health and other Iowa sites, CDC, NLM,
HRSA, etc.)
Phase III – Site Structure & Design
(Technology Group)
• 2 architects and designers
– Scott Fiddelke, Digital Media Project Manager
– Jim Duncan, Assistant Director for Information Resources
• Began building architectural structure
(servers, software, etc.)
• Identified functional aspects of the
database (searching, browsing,
administrative tasks)
• Created visual design for site
Phase IV – Site Development
(Content & Technology Groups)
• Designing database structure
• Developing functional aspects of the
• Converting data from working database to
production database
Data Conversion – Record
Page title
Source title
Scope (geographic)
Subject headings
Iowa counties
HI2010 indicators
Indexed for Google
And more…
Phase V – Coming Soon
Usability testing
GO LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Continuing communication with users for
feedback and new links
• Continuing surfing and mining for more
Sample Link – State & Local Data
Sample Link – State & Local Data
Sample Link – State Data from Federal
Sample Link – National Association
Sample Link -- Grants
Sample Link – Grant Writing Tutorial
Sample Link – Topical Link from MEDLINE plus
Sample Link – Local Topical Data
Sample Link – International News
Sample Link – Local News (through Google)
Sample Link – Current PubMed Search/Iowa
Sample Link – MMWR
Sample Link – MMWR Deep Link/Iowa
The End…
But Soon
The Beginning