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Our Concept
LA Smart Logo offers the most effective mobile
marketing campaign available by literally driving
your advertising directly to target consumers!
Our mission is simple,
We Never Stop Advertising for you!
LASL captures consumers’ attention with its
visually magnetic parade of smart cars as they
travel throughout the city.
The Smart Conv`oys are driven directly to your
target consumers where they will be impossible to
Be Among the First
to Parade Your Brand
Throughout LA!
LASL offers unique advertising solutions
never used in the city of Los Angeles!
Consumers value the visual stimulation + entertainment
offered with this innovative marketing approach!
Our Innovative Services
LASL customizes geographic routes relative to your target consumers!
Branded Smart Cars follow each other in a parade!
GPS tracking enables real-time review of operations!
LASL handles the Installation and removal of all wraps on the cars!
Other Services
LASL offers HD video productionservices.
creating campaigns to last a life time!
LASL organizes social events that work in
conjunction with your marketing campaign!
Hostesses are available to wear branded
attire and hit the streets in your selected areas!!!
Street Marketing
Brand Managers are available
to speak to and interact
with potential clients.
Hosts will distribute free
samples or promotional
materials at your discretion.
Market Surveys can be
conducted to collect direct
feedback from consumers.
Unique Street Marketing Ideas
Distribute free tickets for upcoming events.
Demonstrate the advantages
of different electronics.
Deliver free samples for products.
Disperse coupons for
restaurants or clothing companies….
Cost Efficient!
Cost Efficient
A campaign covering the whole city
with street marketing is the most
affordablemeans for your company
to get its message to the public!
Think Smart - Think Green!
The Smart Car proves a little car can become greener
for consumers, the planet, and advertising budgets.
Smart Car was recently rated as the most fuel
efficient non-hybrid vehicle in the U.S by the EPA.
Approximately 95% of the Smart body
parts come from recycled materials.
LA Smart Logo