January 2012 Creative Benchmarking

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Transcript January 2012 Creative Benchmarking

Newspaper Creative
Benchmark Report
February 2012
It’s a component of the Newspaper Effectiveness Metric which is run by the
newspaper industry marketing body, The Newspaper Works.
A monthly study designed;
To measure and identify the effectiveness of newspaper creative
To help improve understanding of how to use newspapers effectively
To improve the understanding of the roles newspaper advertising can play
To improve the standard of newspaper creative
To provide a consistent metric that is accepted as the industry standard
Comparison of creative
against category averages
Pre/post effectiveness
studies, measuring in-market
effects and how newspaper
work with Television
The Newspaper Works’ effectiveness partner:
Comprehensive analysis
of how newspapers can
best be used to influence
purchase behaviour
Recognised industry measures
Newspaper measures
Ad Recognition
Brand Linkage
Message Comprehension
Brand Equity Impact
Role Map
Action Map
Newspaper Creative Diagnostics
Proprietary newspaper
The Newspaper Works’ effectiveness partner:
This ad was one of three shown to respondents
Sample: Australians 16+
Sample size: 99
Test market: Sydney
Fieldwork: 5th-12th February 2012
Conducted online by Ipsos MediaCT
Benchmarks used: Newspaper Norms
(see appendix for details)
This ad appeared on Australia Day, 2012
Branded Newspaper
Newspaper Norm
This ad has exceeded all Norms for positive statements regarding creative. It ‘looks good’,
‘has a great photo/image’ and ‘catches my eye’.
Branding removed
Newspaper Norm
Brand linkage n= 12
different to
Norm at 90%
With branding removed, it’s no surprise the ad falls slightly below
norms for recognition and brand linkage. We’d expect this for an
advertiser who does not use newspapers often. However the ad
generates significant levels of interest versus Newspaper Norms.
Note: Ad Recognition and Brand Linkage can be affected by weight of campaign and timing of research
Newspaper Norm
different to
Norm at 90%
The ad exceeds three key brand equity measures, achieving significantly high
scores for familiarity/understanding, appropriateness and relevance, and
differentiation versus competitors.
Message comprehension levels were
very high with 91% of respondents
generally correct and 54% able to
relate specific message details.
What did the respondents say about the ad?
Relates well to Australia Day
I think it is good because
of the 'down under'
reference which is done
in a clever and visual way
- I like it.
Australia Day is bbq day
with friends and family.
You need sauce at a bbq!
I'd never thought of
Masterfoods as having any
Australian linkage and was
surprised to learn it. But at
the same time, I felt as
though they were trying a bit
hard, and not 100% genuine.
Very simple message of
Australian-made links
properly to Australia Day as
it is a product that may
actually be used on the
Draws in a crowd that enjoys
celebrating Australia Day
It's a clever use of
Australia Day to
promote Australian
I like this ad very much. I like the simplicity of
it - a lot of ads are too cluttered with too
many words and images. This ad is clever and
The word cloud shows a strong connection an Australian tomato sauce!
Newspaper Norm
different to
Norm at 90%
We consider this ad to be a very high performing communication with scores for 5 out
of 6 roles of newspapers, exceeding norms by a significant amount.
Newspaper Averages
Significantly different to
Newspaper Norm at 90% c.l.
Confirming the status of this ad as a high performer, it achieves 4 significant scores for likely
Actions, including actions that directly relate to purchase intention.
We would consider this to be a ‘high performing’ piece of advertising, exceeding many
norms across Creative, RoleMap and ActionMap diagnostics
The ad achieved significantly high scores across brand equity measures and was seen
as relevant and differentiating from others in the category
The link to Australia Day was well made, and highly appreciated by respondents
All in all, this is an excellent example of an FMCG product making the optimal use of
newspapers in a topical and clever way.
Comparison with
other ads
Masterfoods vs Heinz
Tested February 2012
Tested October 2011
A saucy story!
Newspaper Norm
The Masterfoods ad achieves stronger RoleMap scores overall versus Heinz, which achieves good
scores but not to the same level of significance.
Respondents more likely to buy Masterfoods
Newspaper Norm
The comparative ActionMap shows that respondents are likely to buy/try the Masterfoods
product as a result of that ad, however the Heinz ad generates less strong responses overall
despite it’s positioning as “Australia’s thickest ketchup”. Its worth noting that in verbatims,
respondents were polarised by the use of the word ‘ketchup’ by Heinz.
“Aussie Made”
Tested February 2012
Tested February 2011
Tested April 2011
We love Aussie!
All three ads use “Australian Made” as a key message and respondents relate to this message very
positively with high Affinity score, Reappraisal and a strong Call to Action.
Our FMCG Top Ten : Reappraisal
“This ad encourages me to think differently about the brand”
Our All Categories Top Six : “Is Clever”
Since 2010, Norms not available
Top Performers on
Higher than
Higher than
Higher than
Higher than
Higher than
Higher than
All newspaper norm. February 2011 (Updated monthly)
• Established in 2006 by the major Australian newspaper publishers:
– News Limited
– Fairfax Media (including Rural Press)
– APN News and Media
– West Australian Newspapers
• Represents paid national, metropolitan, regional and community titles.
• Primary aims:
– To promote newspapers as a powerful medium for advertisers
– To ensure that newspapers are perceived as being contemporary and relevant in a
transforming media landscape
Creation of All Newspaper norms
Testing of randomly selected newspaper display ads
5,100 ad observations in total
40 test ads, 100+ observations per ad
Population representative sample of the five mainland state capitals
Conducted online by Ipsos Media CT, July-August 2008
Sample size 1,737
Newspapers are a powerful medium
to utilise across a broad range of
strategic roles.
Six strategic advertising roles have
been validated both qualitatively
and quantitatively, resulting in the
creation of Role Map, one of two
proprietary newspaper metrics.
Role Map demonstrates how
consumers connect with newspaper
advertising across the six roles,
comparing the performance of
creative against a footprint of all ads
Statements are tailored to be appropriate to the
advertising category.
Retail average
Newspapers are recognised as
an effective medium for
delivering a Call to Action.
Action Map, the third
proprietary newspaper metric,
expands on this strategic role to
provide an understanding of the
types of action a newspaper ad
Measured via forced exposure,
people are asked about the
actions they would consider
taking (or have taken) as a result
of seeing the ad.
New measure introduced in March 2010, norm
not yet available.
Another proprietary newspaper
metric provides a set of creative
diagnostics unique to the
attributes of newspaper
advertising. They’ve been
developed to help identify
areas for improvement where
results across other brand and
advertising measures may
require further analysis and
Statements are tailored to be appropriate to the advertising category.
Retail average