Portsmouth Division Report

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Transcript Portsmouth Division Report

Portsmouth Division Report
•Resources at Risk
•Unified Command
•Supporting Agencies
•Response Resources
•Other Issues of Interest
Portsmouth Division Report
Resources at Risk
• Environmental
• Wetlands
• Fish
• Blue Crabs
• Wading Birds
• Birds
Portsmouth Division Report
Resources at Risk
• Industrial / Financial
• Inter-coastal
• Shipping
• Ship Building / Repair
• Marinas / Boating
• Nauticus Museum
• Cruise Ships
Portsmouth Division Report
Unified Command
• Coast Guard (5th District) / EPA FOSC
• Commonwealth of Virginia (SOSC)
• Cities of Chesapeake / Portsmouth / Norfolk
– IC for initial MVA is Chesapeake FD Chief
Portsmouth lessons
• Ouzo – Alcohol formulations form
• Glycerin byproduct of biodiesel contains
methanol – flammable and changes
• Conventional AFFF do not work on
alcohols. Use AR-AFFF
RP site
• Drums
• Lead-Acid
• Caustic
• High impact area
Portsmouth Division Report
Supporting Agencies
• EPA Office of Bio-Fuels Response
• City of Portsmouth Fire Department
• Hazardous Materials Regional Response Team
– Norfolk / Portsmouth / Chesapeake / Virginia Beach /
South Tidewater
City of Portsmouth / Norfolk Fire Marshal’s
Portsmouth Division Report
Available Response Resources
• Portsmouth Fire Dept. containment booms
• Multiple local resources with Elizabeth River Project
– Accurate / Marine Environmental
– 1,000 ft. of harbor boom
– Sorbent Boom / Pads
• USCG Boats
– VOSS Boat (Vessel of Opportunity Skimming System)
• Portsmouth Fire Department boats
– 19’ Boat Rapid Response
– 47’ Fire Boat
Portsmouth Division Report
Other Issues of Interest
• OSLTF Access is available
• AR-AFFF is not available to Portsmouth FD
– (Alcohol-resistant aqueous film forming foam)
• CERTS-varying degrees of capability. Eyes and ears
• Elizabeth River Project
– Communication is key (State / Federal / Local) many
locals come to them 1st as info clearinghouse
• The Pines at Crawford
– Privately-owned facility which is available for food
resources, bedding, etc. Owners want active involvment